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Continued focus on employee engagement and trust sees 99x listed for the tenth consecutive year

Leading Sri Lankan technology company 99x was recently awarded the Great Place to Work (GPTW) ‘Legend’ status by the Great Place to Work Institute, following their achievements for the tenth consecutive year. The coveted position highlights 99x’s unwavering commitment to maintaining an open and diverse workplace for employees and standing by its workforce amidst unprecedented times. This year, the company was also ranked as a Best Workplace and a Best IT/ITES Workplace in Sri Lanka. 

Since its inaugural placing on the Great Place to Work’s Cultural Audit in 2013, 99x has consistently been named as one of Sri Lanka’s best workplaces, ranking itself as a Best Workplace in Asia for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2021 and now attaining Legend status, one of only three companies to do so in the country. 99x congratulates AIA and DIMO for their outstanding people practices through the years.

Despite the challenging times posed by harsh macroeconomic conditions, 99x has maintained its people-focus by implementing timely corrective measures. Achieving the Legend status is a testament to 99x’s undiminished focus on constantly improving its workplace culture.

“We are extremely honored and grateful for the support and the recognition we have received from the Great Place to Work Institute and extremely humbled to be a Great Place to Work Legend™. This is a tribute to how we practice our culture within the workplace. Adapting to changes in our business model, facing the new normal amidst the pandemic and economic challenges, and placing our teams as the best asset we could have are some of the key principles that allowed us to achieve this status,” said Mano Sekaram, CEO and Founder of 99x.

The rankings were determined based on an analysis of employee survey responses by Great Place to Work Sri Lanka on factors including employees’ trust in their leaders, the respect with which people are treated, the fairness of workplace decisions, and team camaraderie. This recognition underscores 99x’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where employees can grow and develop in unique and meaningful ways and have the backing and flexibility they need to be and deliver their best, both professionally and personally.

“Given the nature of our work, our customers are 6,000 miles away. Yet, they have entrusted us with their entire intellectual property. While fostering a positive work culture to motivate our employees, we also attribute our continued success to building great work on the pillars of trust and confidence. 99x maintains a trustworthy and secure environment at all times for our stakeholders worldwide,” Observed Damitha Jayasinghe, Chief Peoples Officer at 99x. 

Amidst these challenging times, 99x took proactive measures to ensure business continuity and care for employees. The company rolled out a cost-of-living allowance scheme ensuring all its employees in Sri Lanka will receive a robust salary package. Additionally, 99x has partnered with online medical consultation services, including oDoc and InReach Global, to facilitate online health consultation for its employees. 99x also enabled its employees to seamlessly switch to a Work from Home model at the onset of the pandemic. These crucial steps have enabled 99x employees to deliver the highest service for their global clients during these trying times. 

At 99x, about 25 percent of the workforce comprises women, and over 78 percent of the overall workforce and 25 percent of the management team are millennials. Furthermore, 99x has contributed significantly to the local ICT industry from the university level. For the last ten years, it has collaborated with 30 local universities and empowered more than 25,000 graduates by providing them industry opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, 99x has conducted over 500 technical sessions and supported close to 50 research projects.  

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