99x Expands Global Footprint with High-Profile Roundtable in Colombo Highlighting Strategic Growth

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99x, a global product engineering company, hosted a high-profile roundtable discussion titled ‘Poised for Growth in Europe and Americas’ at their office premises in Colombo 03. The event brought together 99x’s industry leaders from Norway, Portugal, Brazil, and Sri Lanka to discuss 99x’s growth as a forward-thinking global technology leader.

Local media representatives also attended the high-profile roundtable discussion with 99x’s global leadership team. The attendees included Odd-Sverre Ostlie – Group CEO of 99x Group Norway, Trygve Moe – Group CFO of 99x Group Norway, Carlos Coutinho Silva – CEO of Cleverti Portugal, Thiers Santos – CEO of Nextly Brazil, Eiliv Mæhle Liljevik – CEO of Seeds Consulting Norway and Hasith Yaggahavita – CEO of 99x Technology, which operates in Norway, Malaysia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.

The event provided a platform to discuss collaborative efforts within the 99x Group, with a focus on expanding geographic reach, enhancing service breadth, and leveraging global talent to drive innovation and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the discussions highlighted the rapid growth 99x has experienced following substantial investments in innovative strategies. These investments have not only attracted foreign capital to the country but also positioned 99x as a company committed to acquisition-led growth.

During the discussion, Hasith Yaggahavita – CEO of 99x Technology, highlighted the company’s ongoing investment in Sri Lanka, emphasising the depth of talent and skills available in the region by stating, “I’m delighted to have the leadership teams from our offices in Norway, Portugal and Brazil here in Colombo. The skills, competencies, and experience within our Group will enable us to expand our offerings into new markets and broaden our range of services. Despite the high competitiveness of our markets, we will continue to enhance our value addition through the capabilities and tools we provide to our customers.”

Odd-Sverre Ostlie, Group CEO of 99x Group, reflected on the company’s growth trajectory by stating, “The 99x group has grown both in geographical coverage and service offerings over the past few years. Our services now include product engineering teams, digital solutions and offshore services both in Europe and the Americas. We are committed to leveraging our global expertise to deliver innovative solutions to our clients, ensuring that we stay ahead of industry trends and meet the evolving needs of the market. The expansion of our geographical presence allows us to tap into diverse pools of talent and foster stronger relationships with our clients worldwide.”

The panel discussion further emphasised the integration of talent from global teams, with the 99x Group aiming to expand its presence from Scandinavia throughout Europe and the Americas. This visit particularly focused on exploring potential collaborations to invest in and scale operations in Sri Lanka, leveraging the depth of local talent and skills. Additionally, future collaboration opportunities in sales and solution building were explored.


About 99x 

Headquartered in Norway, 99x has solidified its position as a global leader in product engineering. With a track record of over 150 impactful digital products developed in collaboration with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) since 2004, the 99x Group has a team of over 600 technology and product specialists across Sri Lanka, Brazil, Norway, Portugal, and Malaysia. Their expertise, creativity, and collaborative spirit continue to drive innovation and excellence in the digital product landscape.

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