AIA Insurance secures the coveted Grand Prix and a Gold at the ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards 

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AIA Insurance, Sri Lanka’s Most Loved Insurer in the corporate brands category (compiled by LMD based on a survey commissioned to PepperCube Consultants), has emerged victorious at the prestigious ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards, bringing home a remarkable double win. The company’s innovative campaign for its comprehensive global health cover ‘AIA Health Passport Rider’ secured the coveted Grand Prix Award in the ‘Customer Engaged Brand’ category, while its long-standing CSR project the ‘Poson Safety Programme’ campaign earned a Gold Award in the ‘Digital Marketing: Successful Use of CSR Activity’ category.

This remarkable achievement comes amidst fierce competition, with AIA Sri Lanka triumphing over an impressive 613 submissions from across the globe. The ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards, now in their 13th year, recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in customer-centric marketing strategies across diverse industries.

AIA Sri Lanka’s triumph is particularly noteworthy considering the company’s position within a competitive landscape dominated by major local banking and financial brands. AIA Sri Lanka successfully competed against established industry giants thereby, demonstrating the power of its innovative customer and brand engagement initiatives.

The Grand Prix-winning AIA Health Passport Rider is an industry leading revolutionary health insurance cover offering all Sri Lankans access to the best healthcare both locally and globally. This one-stop solution provides an unmatched health coverage and an unparalleled eco-system of wellness solutions. AIA Sri Lanka’s commitment to health and wellness resonated with the judges, solidifying the company’s position as a frontrunner in customer-centric health insurance solutions.

AIA Sri Lanka’s Poson Safety Programme, recognized with a Gold Award, showcases the company’s dedication to social responsibility and the community in which the company serves. This digital marketing campaign aimed to raise awareness about the dangers in swimming or bathing in unsafe water bodies and encouraging pilgrims to be cautious during Poson, a time of significant pilgrimage travel for Sri Lankans. Through a multi-faceted approach that included a first of its kind safety map, engaging social media content, partnerships with influencers, and interactive activations, the campaign successfully promoted safe-bathing practices and contributed to the recording of ‘zero deaths’ due to drowning incidents during the festival period.

Sasith Bambaradeniya, Chief Marketing Officer at AIA Sri Lanka, expressed his excitement at the company’s accomplishment: “We are incredibly proud to be recognized on the global stage at the ACEF Awards. These prestigious wins are a testament to AIA Sri Lanka’s unwavering commitment to customer-centricity and our dedication to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. The Grand Prix Award for AIA Health Passport Rider validates our efforts in creating a truly innovative and valuable health insurance solution that empowers Sri Lankans to take charge of their health and wellbeing. The Gold Award for our Poson Safety Programme further reinforces the importance we place on social responsibility and using our influence to promote positive change. We are grateful to our dedicated team that consistently strives to deliver exceptional service to our customers and contribute meaningfully to society.”

AIA Sri Lanka’s double win at the ACEF Awards serves as a beacon of excellence in customer engagement within the Sri Lankan insurance industry. The company’s dedication to innovation, social responsibility, and customer well-being continues to set a high bar and paves the way for a future of exceptional and socially conscious brand experiences.

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