Alumex ‘Divikavuluwa’ loyalty programme to uplift Sri Lankan Aluminium fabricators

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Empowering local fabricators and strengthening the industry, Sri Lanka’s undisputed market leader and the largest aluminium extrusion manufacturer Alumex PLC, announced the launch of its flagship loyalty programme ‘Divikavuluwa’. 

Alumex Managing Director Pramuk Dediwela speaking at the event

‘Divikavuluwa’ is the most recent of a series of community- centric initiatives rolled out to strengthen the future prospects of fabricators.   

“Our growth is intrinsically linked to that of our community of fabricators, suppliers and broader network,” said Alumex Managing Director Pramuk Dediwela. “We are aware of the responsibility that accompanies an industry leader, and are committed to ensuring the growth of the sector as a whole. In order to achieve our fullest potential, we have launched the Divikavuluwa project, which aims at strengthening and growing the network of aluminium fabricators in the nation.”

Hayleys Group Chairman and Chief Executive Mohan Pandithage (right) presenting a token of appreciation to an aluminium fabricator with Alumex Managing Director Pramuk Dediwela (left) 

As part of the programme, all Alumex products will now feature barcodes in the form of stickers, allowing fabricators to easily redeem their points and have them credited to their account. 

With the Divikavuluwa program, fabricators can accumulate points over time, which can be redeemed against future purchases, saved for retirement or used in case of emergency. Alumex also plans to conduct seasonal promotional campaigns, and roll out bonus points and rewards in the near future. 

Moreover, a mobile app will be launched to streamline the process in the coming months for efficient real-time updating and redemption of points.

Dediwela, further explained how the unique strength of Alumex’s relationships with its fabricators served as the direct inspiration for the loyalty programme.

“Our teams are in constant contact with our fabricator network, and through those conversations, we quickly understood how much of difficulties they were facing when prices of all raw materials are at all-time highs. Survival has become a real challenge, however, by bundling significantly greater value into repeat purchases we are able to offer a helping hand to our fabricators, and help them to grow together with us.” 

Alumex has opened up the programme to the entire community of aluminium fabricators to make use of this unique opportunity. Once registered they will be eligible for multiple rewards. 

Moreover, Alumex has supported the community and trained over 2,500 fabricators annually since it opened the doors of its training programme 25 years ago. 

Having recently broken into the international market with the launch of their new DIY (do-it-yourself) product portfolio and their ground-breaking low-carbon aluminium range: ‘Ozon’ and ‘Re_Al’, Alumex is adjusting to meet export demands by expanding their network and making sure the industry can support the higher levels to which is needs to operate.

Founded in 1986, Alumex PLC is a subsidiary of Sri Lankan multinational and diversified conglomerate Hayleys Group. Alumex is a fully integrated manufacturer of aluminium profiles in Sri Lanka. Endorsed with over 35 years of industry expertise, the company develops and manufactures aluminium extrusions for an extensive suite of applications and systems, such as the fabrication of doors, windows, shop fronts, curtain walls and other specialised commercial applications, including globally renowned aluminium proprietary door, window and façade systems under license.

With a wide range of architectural, residential and industrial products made available through its national and retail distribution system, Alumex provides customers with products on par with the highest international standards. Alumex exports its pre-engineered products to the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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