AmSafe Bridport Sri Lanka making strides as one of the Best Workplaces for Women

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AmSafe Bridport (Pvt) Limited Sri Lanka, the largest manufacturing facility of AmSafe Bridport was certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work® in Sri Lanka earlier this year. The company was also recognized as one of the 10 Best Workplaces in the Manufacturing and Production industry and further went on to be recognized as one of the 50 Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka as well.

In September 2022 AmSafe Bridport (Pvt) Ltd was recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka which is a true reflection of the company’s embedded culture.  When female employees state the organizational environment is fair and fulfilling, it’s a strong indicator that the business maintains an even playing field for each and every employee without any bias.

AmSafe Bridport is the global leader in designing and manufacturing engineered innovative and customized textile solutions that withstand high dynamic stress loads for the safety and securement needs of the global aerospace and defence niche markets, with their client portfolio showcasing the aviation industry giants such as Boeing, Airbus and other major aircraft manufacturers and airlines of the world. 

Hasitha Bandaranayake, the Manufacturing Manager who rose the ladder from an executive role, went onto comment that the company’s culture, initiatives and various nurturing programs enabled her to achieve the position she is at today, overseeing and managing a division that has the highest labor force. Sharing similar thoughts is Rishani Dissanayake who has been with the company for over 15 years, now serving as the Engineering Manager, a role that is traditionally or customarily dominated by a male. She further went onto say that the company’s culture and the already set examples within the organization encouraged her to apply for the position when it came up.

This equal opportunity is also seen in many employee categories across its various divisions. ‘AmSafe actively encourages everyone irrespective of gender or any other biases to take on bold and exciting new challenges we offer, provided that they possess the competencies to perform the task effectively. ‘We are proud to have many of our female employees rising up to the challenge and take up key managerial and leadership roles,’ said Chandani Ekanayake, General Manager at AmSafe Bridport Sri Lanka. She further said that all roles within an organization should be considered gender neutral which will enable competent employees of both genders to reach their true potential in any role they take upon and step beyond the boundaries set by the status quo, which is the culture we promote at AmSafe and a key factor in our success story.

Giving employees accountability and ownership over the years has enabled the company to spur and instill creative and innovative thinking and decision making, which is a key value that is deeply embedded into the company’s culture and norms. There are various initiatives and programs within AmSafe Bridport, including those that empower and enrich women through the provision of equal opportunities, learning and development opportunities, coaching and mentorship, health and wellbeing, counseling facilitation among others. 

With a presence of over two decades in the country, AmSafe Bridport continues to expand, strengthening its growing workforce to cater to the increasing global demand, challenging the status quo and striking the balance on gender rights, and cultivating a culture of inclusivity and diversity across all parts and levels of the company. 

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