Ascentic receives quadruple recognition as Best Workplace for 2021

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Ascentic, a leading software development company based in Sri Lanka with offices in Sweden and a track-record of exponential growth in the recent months, was recently ranked at number 43 in the Best Workplaces in Asia 2021 under the Small and Medium Category List by the Great Place to Work Sri Lanka.

It was also featured in the Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka in addition to making it to the 10 Best Small and Medium IT/ITES Workplaces as well as being recognized among 15 Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka for Millennials for the first time. Ascentic takes great pride in accomplishing such diverse titles in just four years since its inception, reflecting well in its continuous drive for excellence in people and culture. 

Ascentic was ranked alongside 200 other companies that is highly ranked in their respective national lists for the past two years. The survey this time around was conducted among 3.3 million employees from among 16 countries across Asia and the Middle East, considering a confidential 360-degree assessment of employee experience towards the company’s trust, innovation, inclusivity, values, and leadership.

Founded by Anna Kalm and Patrik Alm, Ascentic is a key contributor in the IT/Technology sector with its highly talented teams working tirelessly to deliver innovative, world-class software solutions to meet the everchanging needs in diverse industries. The company is actively expanding its team of engineers and developers to keep up with its increasing current and projected growth in projects. 

Ascentic Founder and CEO Anna Kalm stresses on the importance the company place in ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusivity practices are embraced on all aspects. ‘Our ascenders are very much self-driven, and we make it our habit to encourage them to explore new paths and ways fearlessly. We are very proud of our ascenders, and we are fully committed to sustain as one of the best workplaces in the country. We have come a long way in such a short time and all our achievements is a testament to the diverse talents and skills of our ascenders. We are ambitious to embrace an exponential growth journey in the coming years.’

Earlier this year, Ascentic also declared open an in Gothenburg, Sweden, after collaborating with the city’s regional economic agency Business Region Göteborg and Sweden-Sri Lanka Business Council (SSLBC), with the purpose of catering to the Swedish market to complement the region’s growing demands especially among small and medium-sized companies.

The company’s leadership strongly believes in building a sustainable culture that is centered around its peoples’ wellbeing, allowing every employee to enjoy what they do, challenge norms, learn new things, and openly discuss just about anything that is work or personal related. All of these contribute immensely to having a healthy work-life balance which helps one to have the right mindset to come up with great solutions. 

Ascentic today has over 90 employees with various initiatives planned to actively expand the team. The company is also involved in empowering women in the technology sector, beginning with its own management and crew.

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