Atlas unveils brand-new pastel series to inspire SL’s next generation with creativity and imagination

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.Atlas, the flagship stationery brand of Atlas Axillia under Hemas Holdings PLC, launched its new pastel series under its sub-brand ‘Atlas Colour Sparx’. These pastels are designed to fuel children’s imagination and creativity, offering a unique and interactive artistic experience. The latest collection was unveiled at a special event at Havelock City Mall, where children, parents, representatives from Atlas Axillia, and other distinguished guests participated. 

The Atlas Colour Sparx Pastels come in vibrant, thematic packaging featuring four enchanting themes: Dinosaur, Space, Jungle, and Ocean. Each theme is brought to life with engaging characters such as Stompy the Dinosaur, Ollie the Octopus, Luna the Space Traveler, and Jumbo the Elephant. These characters are crafted to take children on imaginative journeys, fostering creativity and learning. Furthermore, Atlas Colour Sparx provide kids with tools to express their ingenuity and learn and explore new concepts through themed adventures.

The launch event on July 06 embraced the inspiring message of ‘Explore a World of Imagination’. The day was filled with excitement and activities for children and parents alike, including book readings, art hacks and interactive storytelling. The event’s highlight was an immersive interactive experience where, for the first time in Sri Lanka, drawings coloured by children were brought to life on a digital screen, offering a magical and innovative experience.

“Imagination is a cornerstone of children’s development, driving cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Furthermore, imaginative activities also nurture innovation and originality among children, helping them to improve motor skills and spatial awareness,” said Atlas Axillia Managing Director Asitha Samaraweera. “Our new pastel collection under Atlas Colour Sparx are crafted to spark creativity and foster imaginative play, which has proven to be essential in building individuals with quality traits. These activities enhance problem-solving abilities, enrich language and communication skills, and build empathy and self-confidence.”

“By nurturing innovation and originality through a product like this, Atlas Axillia aims to provide the next generation with the tools they need for a comprehensive and enriched developmental journey, helping them to grow into thoughtful, creative, and resilient individuals,” Samaraweera stressed further. 

Imagination provides a robust platform to nurture Sri Lanka’s future generation, empowering children to dream, innovate, and create. However, the bond between children and parents has often weakened in a world dominated by screens and electronic devices. Atlas believes imagination bridges this gap, offering a shared realm where stories unfold and adventures are crafted together. Through imaginative play, children and parents can connect deeper, fostering mutual understanding and emotional tenderness. This collaborative creativity enriches a child’s developmental journey and rekindles the parent-child relationship, building a solid foundation for a cohesive and forward-thinking society. Encouraging imagination through a product like Atlas Colour Sparx today ensures the next generation of the country are intellectually capable, emotionally resilient, and deeply connected with their roots.

Leading Psychologist and Mental Healthcare Professional Rasini Bandara said, “Imagination is a crucial element in children’s development. Atlas’s initiative to foster creativity and learning through Atlas Colour Sparx is a wonderful step in the right direction. Imaginative play boosts problem-solving abilities, deepens language and communication skills, and helps children develop empathy and emotional regulation. Additionally, the pastel series provide a valuable alternative to screen time, helping to mitigate the negative impact of excessive screen use. This is essential for fostering well-rounded, imaginative, and emotionally intelligent individuals.”

“By providing tools that inspire imaginative play, Atlas is nurturing innovation and originality and supporting the holistic development of children. This approach helps children to explore their creativity, build confidence, and form deeper connections with others, all of which are essential for their overall growth and well-being,” Bandara said further.

About Atlas

Atlas is the flagship stationery brand of Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Limited and is one of Sri Lanka’s most respected corporate entities. As Sri Lanka’s top learning brand dedicated to ‘Making Learning Fun’, it has led the learning ecosystem in Sri Lanka for 60+ years as the country’s largest manufacturer of learning tools for children, delivering superior design, functionality, and affordability. The mission of Atlas Axillia is to ‘Unleash the Potential of Future Generations.’ The company embodies this vision and purpose by delivering high-quality, user-friendly learning products, transforming studying into holistic learning, and inspiring users to purchase, use, and experience a comprehensive and enjoyable learning environment. 

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