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Over its 50+ year journey, CBL and CBL brands Munchee, Ritzbury, Revello, Tiara, Samaposha, Nutriline, Lankasoy and Sera have become staples in Sri Lanka’s food landscape. As one of Sri Lanka’s largest food manufacturers and exporters, CBL continues to be an engine for growth in Sri Lanka’s food manufacturing industry, partnering with stakeholders across its value chain to deliver meaningful growth and value.

The CBL Group was named among the Top 10 Most Admired Companies of Sri Lanka for the 3rd consecutive time by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the International Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (ICCSL). The coveted award recognizes companies, listed and unlisted, that deliver strong performance both financially and in the value they create for consumers, stakeholders, employees and the wider community in general. 

This year, the eminent panel, also evaluated companies on demonstrated agility and resilience in the face of adversity based on internationally recognized criteria. 

CBL’s products are relied on by consumers in every part of Sri Lanka and, during the pandemic, the CBL family rallied together to ensure continuous production and distribution. Group Managing Director Shea Wickramasingha says “Our growth is partnered by our stakeholders across the CBL value chain and during the pandemic, CBL had a large role to play in ensuring that these stakeholders had stable livelihoods and continued access to growth opportunities. Our products touch every Sri Lankan home and consumers in over 60+ countries worldwide. CBL Teams have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that we consistently fulfil our responsibilities to all our consumers and stakeholders, even in the face of really difficult challenges.” 

In the year of review, even amidst a pandemic, the Group has performed steadily and Shea attributes this to the commitment of its 6,000+ workforce. She says that strengthening people practices to support and lead the transition to the ‘new normal’ was a key focus for the Group and subsidiaries. Putting people first has only made CBL’s workplace culture stronger. She says that CBL focused on strengthening processes and effectively supporting teams to cope with these new and monumental challenges. CBL and its brands also extended this care to its value chain stakeholders and partners, purchasing over LKR 5 billion in agricultural produce in 2020/21, continuing to support its distributor network to plan for future risk and, partnering the growth of consumer communities.

Learn more about the work CBL does at www.cbllk.com 

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