Clogard Natural Salt Tab Wasana promo to facilitate online learning through tab give away

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Clogard Natural Salt Tab Wasana – a consumer promotion by the leading oral care brand Clogard will roll out from 1st September to 30th November 2021.  Through this promotion, the participants will stand a chance to win brand new tabs to make their online learning a reality.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, online learning has been the most feasible and practical mode of education for students. As the online learning trend continues, the lack of resources such as computers and tabs has become a major barrier for students to continue online learning from their homes.  

The consumers who buy the new Clogard Natural Salt 120g (Tab Wasana promo pack) toothpaste pack can stand a chance to win a brand new tab. This pack is available islandwide. Each Clogard Natural Salt 120g (Tab Wasana promo pack) pack carries a six-digit code printed inside. Clogard requests the consumers to send the secret code along with their or their guardian’s NIC number to 8866 via SMS (Type TAB<space>XXXXXX<space>NIC Number). The winners will be selected from 1st October till 30th November. 

Commenting on the new promotion, Ramila Fernando, Senior Brand Manager of Clogard said, “Online learning has become an integral part of education at present. But not every student has access to computers and tablets. Especially students in rural parts of the country who are facing many challenges with the shift to online learning. Clogard, being a truly Sri Lankan brand, wanted to support these students during this ongoing e-learning period. The Tab Wasana campaign will not only help in the immediate education needs of these children but will also help them gain the necessary exposure to technology and knowledge that they need to have in an increasingly digital world.  

Clogard Natural Salt is a newly launched toothpaste variant of Clogard that comes with the power of natural salt to protect gums and make teeth stronger. Salt has been in use for generations for rinsing the mouth given its natural disinfectant properties that prevent tooth ailments.  

Since its introduction in 1992, Clogard has transformed to be a total oral care solution at Sri Lankan households protecting the entire family against cavities. Clogard’s new natural salt variant consists of Natural Salt, Zinc active and Fluoride and promotes healthy gums and stronger teeth while also fighting germs and ensuring optimal oral hygiene. 

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