Culture Colombo awarded Best Ethnic Restaurant in Asia – A victory for Sri Lankan cuisine, culture, and hospitality

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More of an experience than just a restaurant, Culture Colombo continues to reach new heights, having recently been felicitated as the Best Ethnic Restaurant in Asia for 2022 by Asia’s number-one Brand and Leadership Excellence Awards under the Asian Dining Awards category.

The restaurant takes its guests on gastronomic adventures with authentic Sri Lankan flavours from both the Northern and Southern parts of the island, served with warm Sri Lankan hospitality.

This includes experiences such as the Tasting Basket, a basket that gives you a glimpse of everything Sri Lankan in a dish; the Bamboo Biriyani; the Kurumba Rice; and Mati Walanda Dry Curry Bowl, which offers a choice between crab, prawn, roasted chicken, and seafood flavours, all created using the finest ingredients available.

Extra care is given to supporting local farming communities of Sri Lanka, which in turn enables Culture Colombo to continue delivering fresh farm produce to its guests, emphasising seasonal and locally sourced ingredients and the freshest seafood.

Culture Colombo allows its guests to escape into the rich world of Sri Lankan flavours in a classic ‘walawwa’ experience. The colonial-style interiors are carefully crafted to create a vintage aesthetic with a modern touch, creating a cosy, feel-at-home experience while dining. Beautiful wall murals blend seamlessly with the colonial architectural flair, mirroring the fusion of rich cultures found in Sri Lanka, courtesy of local artists and photographers, showcasing local talent at its finest.

CEO of Culture Colombo, J Beruwalage

“I created Culture Colombo intending to serve good Sri Lankan food, with great value for money, which goes beyond just the food and creates an experience that lets you feel new things,” expressed the restaurant’s CEO J. Beruwalage, a lawyer by education whose love for food and the Sri Lankan experience inspired Culture Colombo’s inception.

After a series of unfortunate events that have unfolded in the years since its inception, which include the Easter bombings, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the current economic crisis, which together have crippled the country’s hospitality industry as a whole, being recognised as the Best Ethnic Restaurant in Asia is a victory not only for Culture Colombo, but also for Sri Lanka.

“We are only getting started,” Beruwalage added. “We want to continue, achieving greater awards and bringing glory to the country. We also have plans for expanding not just locally, but internationally as well.”

This includes ongoing negotiations with a hospitality giant, through which Beruwalage hopes to partner in opening a branch that would introduce a unique dining experience that Sri Lanka is yet to see. Through it all, he aims to continue tantalising local taste buds, staying true to Sri Lankan culture as he reaches out to the world. Located at No 25 Kensington Gardens, Colombo – 04; Culture Colombo can also be discovered through their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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