Curtin Colombo prepares students for success in the real world

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Curtin Colombo is a global partner of Curtin University, Australia, ranked among the top 1% of Universities Worldwide. Curtin Colombo is committed to providing students an exceptional opportunity to pursue degrees and professional training, with a comprehensive a global perspective and practical education that prepares them to thrive in diverse and multicultural work environments and achieve success in the real world. 

The academic programs at Curtin Colombo are designed to meet the current demands of professional fields. These comprehensive programs, which include degrees and courses in various fields, have a strong track record of preparing students for success. 

The programs cover a wide range of industry-oriented programs including Engineering specializations – Civil and Construction Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering. Study areas in Computing such as Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Systems & Networking. For business studies, through the business degree students can specialize in International Management, Digital Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The curriculum at Curtin Colombo is designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable in their chosen fields. Students are provided a global perspective, preparing them to thrive in diverse and multicultural work environments. The institution offers opportunities for international exchange programs and collaborative projects with overseas institutions. 

Curtin Colombo has valuable business and industry connections. Through partnerships with industry leaders, students gain access to employment opportunities, training, and hands-on learning experiences from these organizations. Thereby, students acquire first-hand experience in business environments while enhancing their career prospects.

The faculty members are successful entrepreneurs and professionals with experience in their respective industries, bringing real-world exposure while making the learning relevant. Their expertise enhances the learning experience and provides valuable insights into industry trends and best practices, supporting students to develop all the necessary skills for success.

Additionally, Curtin Colombo offers a comprehensive range of support services to facilitate student success. Services such as counselling, academic support, and mentoring assist students in reaching their true potential. The university has a dedicated career services unit that helps students find employment opportunities. 

Students are trained for interviews, resume writing, and networking, preparing them for professional life. Moreover, Curtin Colombo organizes exhibitions and workshops, keeping students informed about business trends and job openings. 

As a global partner of Curtin University, Curtin Colombo is committed to providing students with an opportunity to secure prestigious Australian degrees. Students can transfer to Australia after the first year of study or complete the degree in Sri Lanka saving up to 70% of the cost compared to studying in Australia. However, they will still receive the same world-class education through Curtin Colombo. Students can also benefit from a 25% scholarship for all programs during their first year of study.

The university welcomes students from diverse cultural backgrounds, equipping them with a quality education and preparation for successful business and professional careers. Curtin Colombo has gained a global reputation attracting international students from overseas. The island’s rich cultural heritage, along with the university’s quality education, makes it an appealing destination for international students seeking a transformative learning experience. 

The strength of Curtin Colombo’s alumni network also demonstrates the quality of education. The network continues to support graduates throughout their careers, and many alumni have made notable achievements or contributions in various industries.

With its industry-relevant curriculum, practical learning opportunities, and supportive resources, Curtin Colombo empowers students to thrive in the real world, propelling them towards successful global careers.

For more information about Curtin Colombo’s programs, admissions, and scholarship opportunities, visit or call us on 076 555 8989

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