Curtin Colombo’s Impactful School Outreach Program Nurtures Young Minds

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Curtin Colombo, as the latest addition to Curtin University’s global operations, firmly believes in nurturing the future generation even before their undergraduate journey begins. With an aim to guide high school students towards a bright and informed future, Curtin Colombo engaged in an impactful School Outreach Program recently, providing insights into career opportunities and the latest trends in engineering, computing, and business industries.

The School Outreach Program ensured that high school students are equipped with knowledge and guidance, enabling them to gain awareness of diverse career paths and new disciplines. The empowerment gained would prepare them to embark confidently on the right higher education journey and seize the opportunities to pursue their passions.

By engaging the students, Curtin Colombo is helping to develop well-informed, empowered individuals with the information and skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. The initiative also serves as a valuable resource for both students and parents, helping to make informed decisions about educational and career pathways. 

Additionally, the School Outreach program establishes Curtin Colombo as an active contributor and partner to the education community while also conveying the campus’ academic excellence and expertise to students. 

The School Outreach Program featured workshops conducted by Curtin Colombo’s in-house lecturers and academia, as well as respected visiting lecturers from Curtin Australia. They provided insightful perspectives on new developments in AI, assistive technologies, and exploring global education opportunities.

As part of its corporate citizenship efforts and community engagement, Curtin Colombo partnered with leading schools in Colombo including St. Thomas’ College, Visakha Vidyalaya, Mahanama College, D.S Senanayake College, and Methodist College, conducting a series of sessions and workshops. These sessions were conducted by Prof. Julia Richardson, Dr. Hannes Hermann, and Dr. Nimalika Fernando from Curtin University, Australia. The programs were designed to empower students to make informed decisions that align with their interests from an early age, preparing them for rewarding and successful futures. 

The students benefited from the interactive sessions on topics such as artificial intelligence, assistive and emerging technologies, and skills needed in the ever-evolving global industry landscapes. These sessions served as a unique opportunity for the students to gain vital information beyond what traditional education can facilitate through open discussions.

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