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Independence can refer to various aspects of an individual’s life. Personal independence refers to the state of being self-reliant and autonomous, having the ability to make one’s own decisions and choices without being influenced or controlled by others while economic independence, on the other hand, refers to the state of having control over one’s financial resources and being able to support oneself without relying on others.

The impact of Daraz, which has empowered many individuals to achieve both economic and personal independence cannot be overstated in this instance. Daraz, the leading e-commerce platform in Sri Lanka, has provided opportunities and freedom for many local micro, small and medium entrepreneurs to grow and succeed by allowing them  to conduct their business activities independently, resulting in the creation of thousands of successful entrepreneurs.

This Independence Day, we honor the hardworking small and medium entrepreneurs who define independence in their own unique way with their determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. We sat down with a few business owners who volunteered to share their success stories and how Daraz has helped them realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Mr. Inshaaf Aufar is the CEO of Upaylow, a successful business venture. Prior to starting Upaylow, Mr. Aufar and his wife worked for a private company. After the birth of their second child, Mrs. Aufar joined forces with Daraz to start Upaylow, which eventually led to Mr. Aufar quitting his job and joining the business full-time due to its growth and profitability.

Upaylow now sells a wide range of products, including kitchen electronics, perfumes, and consumer goods, totaling to about 3,000 products. Daraz played a crucial role in the success of Upaylow by providing ongoing knowledge and support. The business allows Mr. Aufar to have a more flexible income and more time for himself and is well-known among consumers in the country.

Mrs. Dilani Upeksha, the founder of Indi Fashion, is also an entrepreneur who joined Daraz about 6 years ago. “I previously sold my women’s ready-to-wear linen clothing under the brand ‘Indi’ through leading garment sales agencies in Sri Lanka. I joined Daraz as a next step in my business journey and received a lot of support from the platform. Through various training programs offered by Daraz, I was able to gain a better understanding of the business sector and online business. Today, my products are purchased by customers all over the country, and I receive an overwhelming number of orders. My income is now very good and I attribute this success to Daraz, who provides friendly, quality, and efficient service from the start. The Daraz Institute gives me peace of mind, and I feel truly empowered because of Daraz,” she states.

Mr. Jude Leonard, the owner of Pettah Online Shop also shared his thoughts: “About 5 years ago, I started an online business through Daraz. The success of this business has exceeded my expectations, largely due to Daraz’s extensive customer network. Orders for my products come from all corners of Sri Lanka thanks to Daraz. This business has allowed me to live freely and spend more quality time with my family while earning an income that exceeds my expectations. The freedom I have gained through this business is truly invaluable.”

Ms. Vishwani Harishan, the founder of Aura Online Store joined the conversation stating, “I used to work in a private organization before I started my own business through Daraz. However, my business has been thriving and has provided me with the freedom to balance work and personal life. My husband’s retired father even supports my business activities, finding joy in being a part of it. Daraz has been a valuable company for me, as I don’t experience the same level of stress and pressure compared to my previous job. My business has now gained a nationwide customer base and it is all thanks to Daraz. I am grateful for the opportunities and freedom Daraz has provided me and my family.”

These are some of the many success stories we heard. With overflowing gratitude, Daraz acknowledges the countless entrepreneurs and business leaders who have thrived with the unwavering support of Daraz. Their success stories are a testament to the strength and potential of this platform. And to the beloved customers, who are an integral part of these success stories, Daraz wishes to express appreciation and gratitude for their role in the Daraz community.

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