DFCC Bank Hosts Special Events to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Coinciding with International Mother’s Day, DFCC Bank recently conducted several initiatives to celebrate and appreciate all the mothers on its staff. Females work tirelessly, balancing work and personal commitments, ensuring they excel in their roles as professionals and mothers. The Bank’s Mother’s Day celebrations culminated in a special felicitation ceremony for staff mothers who have also completed 25 years of service.

The occasion served as an opportunity to recognise these exceptionally strong and resilient females while fostering a culture of appreciation and loyalty. Dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, DFCC Bank strives to foster a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone feels appreciated. Accordingly, the various Mother’s Day celebrations sent positive reverberations across the Bank while focusing on motherhood, one of the many important roles of women in society.

Commenting on the initiative, Paduma Subasinghe said, “We are proud not just to celebrate Mother’s Day, but also all the amazing mothers on our staff – especially those who have been with us for over 25 years. They have shown true resilience, delicately balancing their professional and private lives. This is no easy task, and we are honoured, as an organisation, to have been able to support our staff. The fact that DFCC Bank is home to so many mothers with longstanding service is a testament to the inclusive and compassionate environment we have created by providing the necessary support systems. While celebrating all mothers, we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that DFCC Bank continues to set benchmarks for empowering women and supporting them through their various stages and roles in life.”

One of the highlights of the felicitation ceremony was a special panel discussion. The panellists included Nilu Perera, an Educational Psychologist, Special Education Needs Specialist, and Consultant at Ninewells Hospital; Ramani Fernando, a celebrated female entrepreneur and business leader in beauty culture; Paduma Subasinghe, the Chief Human Resource Officer at DFCC Bank; and Romain Weerasingha, a Counselling psychologist. 

The discussion touched on a broad range of topics, including stress on parents and management of early childhood development, the importance of wellness, grooming and its health benefits, creating a supportive work environment for parents at DFCC Bank with a focus on work-life integration and stress management, and the importance of empowering working mothers and fostering a culture of compassion and inclusion within organisations. Each speaker discussed these topics, and a vibrant question-and-answer session followed.

The DFCC family was also introduced to the Kalyana helpline, a new initiative to support members with counselling and other required assistance. This helpline aims to provide confidential support and guidance, helping employees manage personal and professional challenges effectively.

Addressing the gathering, CEO Thimal Perera appreciated all staff member’s contributions to the Bank and highlighted that the Bank is exploring numerous ways to improve work-life balance and support staff with special requests. He emphasised the Bank’s commitment to creating an environment that fosters professional growth and personal well-being.

DFCC Bank’s Director and Chief Managing Officer also addressed the gathering, focusing on empowering women, supporting mothers, and leading with compassion and inclusion. The address underscored the Bank’s dedication to creating a workplace that values everyone’s contributions and promotes a culture of empathy and support.

Going beyond the confines of the organisation, DFCC Bank also actively strives to support women and mothers through its business and financing activities, focusing on female entrepreneurship. Accordingly, DFCC Aloka, the Bank’s women-centric banking proposition, delivers a complete financial solution for women of all income levels and categories with diverse needs and backgrounds. Addressing the unique challenges faced by women, including mothers, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and senior citizens, DFCC Aloka has launched tailored products to support women at every stage of life and accommodate various lifestyle requirements.

In addition to financial support, DFCC Bank actively engages in various initiatives to promote financial literacy among women, providing the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions. Recognising that access to information is a powerful tool for empowerment, DFCC Bank remains committed to providing resources for women to take control of their finances and fulfil all their aspirations.

About DFCC Bank

DFCC Bank is a full-service commercial bank with a rich history of 68 years and offers a diverse range of commercial and development banking services. As part of its Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030, the Bank aims to become a leading institution contributing to greater resilience by creating resilient businesses and supporting green financing and sustainable, socially responsible entrepreneurship. The Bank has received numerous accolades, including being named the ‘Most Trusted Retail Banking Brand’ and the ‘Best Customer Service Banking Brand’ in Sri Lanka in 2021 by Global Brands Magazine UK and ‘Market Leader and Best in Service in Cash Management 2022’ by Euromoney. Additionally, DFCC Bank is ranked among Business Today’s Top 40 Corporates in Sri Lanka, is rated A-(lka) by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited and is regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Attesting to its commitment to sustainability, DFCC Bank is also the first, and presently only, entity in Sri Lanka to have received accreditation from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), granting it access to concessionary funding worth USD 250 million to support climate mitigation and adaptation projects across the Island.

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