DigiEcon 2024 Investment Summit promises a remarkable lineup of speakers from diverse industries

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The DigiEcon 2024 Investment Summit, Sri Lanka’s premier technology and investment event organized by the Ministry of Technology and powered by Mastercard, is set to host a remarkable lineup of speakers this year. 

The highly anticipated summit, scheduled for June 25, 2024, promises to unlock invaluable insights and power strategic alliances that will provide a platform to redefine success in the digital economy.

The summit’s comprehensive agenda explores some of the most pressing issues and emerging trends shaping the digital economy, such as fintech, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, sustainable development, among others. 

The event will bring together global investors and venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and thought leaders from across the globe to explore investment opportunities and forge collaborations within Sri Lanka’s burgeoning tech industry.

The speaker lineup for this year includes Jonas Thürig, VP, Business Development & Sales, Asia, Tenity; Megha Jain, Senior Advisor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF); Mohan Belani, Co-founder & CEO, e27; Craig Dixon, General Partner, Accelerate Asia; and David Mann, Chief Economist, APAC, Mastercard Economics Institute. 

The event will have H E Ranil Wickremesinghe, President of Sri Lanka as the Chief Guest. Some of the other speakers who will take part in the summit include Sanjay Jain, Director of Digital Public Infrastructure at BMGF; Ravi Narayan, Senior Advisor, Startup Genome; James Tan, Managing Partner, Quest Ventures; Sopnendu Mohanthy, CFO, MAS & Group Head; Alejandro Alvarez de la Campa, Country Manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives, IFC; Sonal Biyani, Partner, Basic Roots Consulting; and Alok Lall, COO of Microsoft, South Asia; and Siddhartha Raja, Senior Digital Development Specialist, World Bank.

“I am looking forward to the DIGIECON Global Investment Summit. With existing portfolio companies from Sri Lanka, we continue to explore the emerging technology sector in the country and believe in the top talent here. We specifically look at fintech solutions with a potential to expand regionally,” said Jonas Thürig, Vice President, Tenity. 

“I’m excited by the potential of the Sri Lankan tech ecosystem and I look forward to meeting and working with stakeholders to elevate it,” said Mohan Belani, Co-Founer & CEO, e27.

“Old ways won’t always open new doors. At the DigiEcon Global Investment Summit, visionary ecosystem builders work with innovative startups to drive the next wave of entrepreneurial success, building Sri Lanka’s vibrant startup ecosystem,” said Ravi Narayan, Senior Advisor, Startup Genome.

“Sri Lanka’s DIGIECON 2030 vision demonstrates a focus on the potential of capital and technology to transform its economy. As a catalyst in many startup and innovation ecosystems, Quest Ventures looks forward to working with stakeholders in Sri Lanka to realize this vision,” said James Tan, Managing Partner, Quest Ventures.

The DigiEcon 2024 Investment Summit promises to be a landmark event, setting the stage for Sri Lanka’s ascent as a hub for technological innovation and economic growth. 

About Ministry of Technology – Sri Lanka, www.mot.gov.lk

The Ministry of Technology is the Sri Lankan government’s leading authority on technological advancement. It is responsible for developing and executing policies that promote the implementation, regulation, and growth of technology and scientific research throughout the country.

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