Enviro Water Systems encourages Sri Lanka to ‘Be the change’ on World Water Day 2023

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Enviro Water Systems, one of the leading water treatment solution providers in Sri Lanka, is marking World Water Day 2023 by reminding all Sri Lankans to be more mindful when using water in their daily lives. Founded in 2004, Enviro Water Systems provides solutions for innovative water management that enhance reliability while ensuring lower energy consumption and maintenance costs. The company is a provider of state-of-the-art technology using world-renowned brands and also is a reliable after sales service partner.

The World Water Day 2023 campaign, called “Be the change”, encourages people across the globe to take action in their own lives to change the way they use, consume and manage water. Although 71% of the Earth is covered in water, the majority of it is salt water and only 3% is fresh water. Only 1% of it is usable and 2% is ice and glaciers.

Sri Lanka is known to be a land that is blessed with an abundance of water resources. However, in recent years there have been regular water scarcities in several parts of the island due to spatial and temporal variations in rainfall and changing weather patterns. There are also areas where there is insufficient water throughout the year while in some areas, there is water available but it’s not safe for consumption. Overall, it is clear that the availability of water in Sri Lanka is not necessarily the primary concern. The core water security issues lie in its management as studies have shown that over 50% of the country’s rainfall goes to the sea and is not utilized at all. Every year, Sri Lankans have to undergo numerous water cuts during dry seasons. To be better equipped to face this situation it is best to reduce the need by changing the way is used, consumed and managed. This helps in reducing the consumption habit in short term and saving water over the long term. 

Daily habits at home can be modified to reduce water consumption. Leaving the tap open when brushing teeth or shaving and letting the water run when soaping up in the shower wastes large amounts of water daily. As a result, a household with four adults can waste as much as 12 units of water per month. On the other hand, by introducing a little cleaning kitchen water and bath water can be reused for gardening and flushing toilets. By changing these bad habits, water consumption can be cut down and the water bill reduced. Additionally, the government’s expenditure on water treatment can be reduced thereby helping the economy of the country. It is also important to introduce mechanisms to reduce the use of fresh water in industries and introduce mandatory regulations for reuse of wastewater and promote those industries.

Enviro Water Systems portfolio of solutions includes water treatment, sewage treatment, waste water treatment, water treatment chemicals and preventive maintenance. The company’s objective is to go beyond providing of waste water management solutions but also assurance of its premier quality of treated water. By using the expertise of its qualified, hands on, and experienced professionals, it is able to deliver high quality, cutting edge, cost effective and environmentally friendly technological solutions for customers by understanding their needs individually.

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