Experience Unique Flavour Blends Like Never Before with SOZO’s Fabulous Mixers! 

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SOZO, the flavorsome and much sought-after home-grown beverage brand has once again revolutionized the beverage market through the launch of unique and delicious mixers.  Founded in 2016, SOZO has consistently evolved through new product innovation, crafting exciting juices, Iced Teas and now as a market pioneer launches a whole new range of Tonics, Cocktail and Mocktail Mixers, Sparkling Iced teas and Sodas, with no preservatives or additives. 

Whether you’re looking for a light, fruity Soda or a robust and full-bodied mixer for your cocktails, SOZO has you covered. From their fruity and refreshing Sparkling Sodas to their complex and balanced Cosmo and Mojito Mixers, SOZO has something to suit everyone’s taste. SOZO’s unique flavour combinations helps you relax and unwind as you sip and savour  the delicious blends. 

Sharing his thoughts on this new product launch , Dushyantha De Silva, Managing Director stated, “At SOZO we believe in creating unique experiences through product innovation. Every product we develop is meant to satisfy the palate of our loyal customers.  As a brand we are always conscious of our consumers’ preferences and felt it was the opportune time to launch these new, unique products, to enhance their experiences. Our latest range will definitely make a difference at every party and gathering, be it at home or away. We are currently working towards making our new products available at many locations so that every home bar can be stocked up and ready for the next party.”

The range of mixers are designed to help you create bar quality cocktails or mocktails in the comfort of your own home without the need for multiple ingredients, equipment or expertise. Moreover, if you are looking for that sparkling drink to make your evening, SOZO has an amazing line of sparkling Sodas. Especially crafted with unique flavor blends, these Sodas provide a great drinking experience and can be enjoyed as both mixers or singular beverages to suit your mood. 

The unique flavour combinations include Citrus Tonic water, Raspberry Rose Tonic water, Mandarin Ginger Soda, Pina Colada Soda, Blueberry Lime Soda, Blackberry Soursop Soda, Salted Coconut Lime Soda, Sparkling Peach and Mango Iced Tea, passionfruit Iced Tea and a Low-Calorie Citrus Iced Green Tea for the health conscious. 

SOZO cocktail and mocktail mixers, tonics and sodas are the perfect way to add a sparkle to your party and create that classy, perfect cocktail or mocktail with ease. Order through http://www.sozoiced.com today and stock your home bar right away!

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