Fonterra’s Farmer Support Programme is Powering the Future of Sri Lanka’s Smallholder Dairy Farmers

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In an exemplary initiative that strengthens its commitment to Sri Lanka’s smallholder dairy farming community, Fonterra Brands Lanka has been tirelessly working on a multifaceted Farmer Support Programme. Presently Concentrated the regions where Fonterra operates in Sri Lanka, this programme showcases the company’s dedication to giving back to the community and ensuring the wellbeing of those who drive the nation’s dairy industry.

Several key pillars underpin this programme, including the promotion of animal welfare, milk production, and farm productivity. An illustration of this is the Mobile Veterinary Consultation and Care initiative. Recognizing the need to enhance accessibility to veterinary services and provide on-farm guidance, this initiative is making a profound impact, benefiting numerous farms and animals. Through this program, farmers have been educated about the importance of maintaining their animals’ health and have received both essential resources and valuable consultations from veterinarians. 

Furthermore, the Farmer Motivation Programme is igniting passion among farmers. Open dialogue is essential in understanding and addressing the daily hurdles faced by farmers. These issues are tackled in focus group discussions and managed effectively. An annual appreciation event, intertwined with community support and growth efforts, underscores Fonterra Brands Lanka’s unwavering dedication to its communities and stakeholders.

Fonterra has initiated a programme to enhance water-related infrastructure, emphasizing the crucial importance of water resources. In this significant effort, the company distributed 1,000 water storage units across 178 farms. Furthermore, Fonterra has plans to expand its water storage initiatives in the future.

Another recent programme has focused on guiding farmers about effective fodder cultivation and management. Over two months, 38 farms have reaped the benefits of this nutrition-centric scheme, observing an increase in milk production and operational efficiency while cutting costs.

More than just initiatives, these programmes are Fonterra Brands Lanka’s expressions of gratitude. Sharing vast dairy knowledge and furnishing farmers with essential resources, Fonterra manifests its intent to contribute positively. These initiatives have been ongoing, with plans to extend and mirror these programmes, reflecting a long-standing commitment. Alongside these programmes, dairy development continues to be a focal point at the Pannala farm, a state-of-the-art training and development hub. The farm boasts advanced milk fingerprinting technology, and new chilling methods have recently been incorporated at their milk collection centres.

The rising demand for locally-produced dairy items emphasizes the importance of capacity building. Fonterra’s Farmer Capacity Development initiative addresses this by assuring farmers have access to best practices and unwavering support. The company also promotes workplace safety, including the provision of safety boots, enhancing workplace safety for farmers. 

Fonterra Brands Lanka remains steadfast in its vision to empower farmers, improve their wellbeing, and construct a sustainable future for the community it serves with pride. These initiatives resonate with the government’s vision for elevating the dairy farming community of Sri Lanka, further showcasing Fonterra Brands Lanka’s commitment to the community.

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