Hemas Hospitals Supports Gifted Young Savant with Treatment for Rare Medical Condition

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Sri Lanka’s most-loved healthcare brand, Hemas Hospitals, known for going above and beyond for its patients and the community, recently supported a gifted young autist with treatment for a rare medical condition. A Grade-4 student at R/BC Tamil Maha Vidyalaya faced the challenges of being autistic and having a rare ankle deformity. This condition necessitated surgical intervention, specifically an osteotomy, to realign the affected bones. Resident orthopedic surgeon performed the surgery for the young individual, who is also a gifted savant, having achieved remarkable feats such as winning an award for Best Memory from the Cholan Book of World Records in India.

However, with the procedure costing upwards of LKR 500,000/- Muralitharam’s family was struggling to gather the necessary funds as a result of their economically disadvantaged rural background. Understanding their struggle and seeing the potential in young Muralitharam, Hemas Hospitals made the decision to provide the necessary treatment free of charge. 

The procedure was carried out successfully, with the gifted young savant expected to make a full recovery, regaining the critical mobility he was lacking as a result of his condition. Hemas Hospitals takes this opportunity to wish young Pakiyaraj Muralitharam the very best of luck in his future endeavours, and expects that he will shine against the odds and bring pride to his parents and country.   

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