HNB reaffirms commitment to a greener Sri Lanka in celebration of World Environment Day 

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  • Distributes 2,000 saplings to 48 branches in 10 regions across the nation
  • Renews Green Pledge, and reiterates commitment to supporting environmental sustainability

In celebration of World Environment Day Sri Lanka’s leading private sector bank, HNB PLC reaffirmed its commitment to environmental stewardship by distributing saplings to select customers and senior management, alongside renewing the Bank’s green pledge.

Distribution of saplings commenced with a special event hosted at HNB Towers featuring the participation of HNB Acting CEO Damith Pallewatte, along with members of HNB’s senior management and staff. Aligned with the theme ‘Restore Our Earth’ the ceremony began with the renewal of the Green Pledge. Following an inspiring speech from Acting CEO Pallewatte, the event culminated with the distribution of saplings, symbolizing the Bank’s dedication to fostering a greener future.

A total of 2,000 mango and jackfruit saplings were distributed to senior management and HNB customers, while additional saplings were also distributed across 48 branches in 10 regions nationwide. The saplings were handed out in recyclable bags made from alimana leaves, a common grass, sustainably sourced from an SME within HNB’s Gami Pubuduwa network of entrepreneurs. 

“As an island nation blessed with rich biodiversity, we believe that Sri Lanka has an important role to play in accelerating progress on environmental conservation. Over the past year, all Sri Lankans have experienced the impacts of climate change first hand. From record breaking heatwaves, to extreme rainfall and flooding, it is clear that without strategic and decisive action, Sri Lanka is vulnerable. However, I believe we are also uniquely positioned to take leadership in the global fight against climate change. 

“By leveraging the resilience, ingenuity, and innovate spirit of our nation, we are confident that Sri Lanka can show the world how to enhance climate resilience, establish true circular economic models, and develop a globally relevant blueprint for environmental sustainability. All sectors of the economy, including the banking industry will need to move in unison to achieve this vision. As an institution that is fundamentally connected to all sectors of the economy, we pledge to be part of the solution,” said HNB Acting CEO Damith Pallewatte.

He also elaborated on the importance of ecosystem restoration and commended the HNB staff for their continuous commitment to the Bank’s sustainability journey. HNB has earmarked revenue generated through their green projects for further investment and has ambitious plans to advance both their sustainability agenda and that of the nation.

HNB aims to promote energy efficiency by implementing renewable energy sources, which doubles as a crucial parameter for the country’s sustainability goals. The Bank also pledged to continue managing its carbon emissions and to build on its progress with the Kanneliya restoration, and plastic recycling project, conducted in conjunction with local schools.

Throughout the past year, HNB has made great strides in their sustainable journey. They achieved carbon neutrality, introduced the HNB Sustainability Excellence Awards, and continued to support biodiversity and conservation projects along with their #WalktheTalk initiative. HNB also installed a smart carbon calculator system at their Head Office and Customer Centers, and allocated a significant portion of funds for energy efficient operations and practices. As a result of their green initiatives, HNB was able to cut down its GHG emissions by 21% through optimizing their operations and practices. Their paper usage also reduced by 26%, in addition to recycling almost 1600kg of plastic bottles, restoring 2.5 acres of forest land and recording a combined 60,000km of walking and cycling by employees.

With 254 customer centres, HNB is one of Sri Lanka’s largest, most technologically innovative private banks. Consolidating its legacy in sustainability, good governance, and corporate excellence, HNB was crowned the Best Corporate Citizen for 2022 at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Best Corporate Citizen Awards. Other significant accolades include being adjudged the “Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka” for the 14th occasion by the Asian Banker, being declared the “Best SME Bank” by Asiamoney Magazine, being awarded the Sri Lanka Technology Excellence Award for Robotics – Banking at the Asian Technology Excellence awards 2023, for integration of Robotic Process Automation in its Custody Banking and Trustee Services, as well as securing a Top 5 position on Business Today’s Top 40 rankings for 2023. 

HNB was ranked among Sri Lanka’s Top 10 Most Admired companies in 2022 by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and the International Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka. HNB was also recognized for its service excellence in trade services at the Euromoney Awards, taking home the prestigious titles of Best Market Leader in Trade Finance Services and Best Services Provider in Trade Finance Services, both globally and domestically. 

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