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Insharp Technologies, the premier tech solutions provider, recently celebrated its milestone 12th anniversary, reigning in the New Year 2022 with success and celebration. With high quality standards in creating software solutions for a large clientele, Insharp Technologies also showed a proven record in their tenure of a dozen years of making the best-in-class software and expertise in developing their products.

In twelve years, the ambition of two developers in a tiny room about a decade ago is what became a reality under the name Insharp Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, and what it is today. So far, Insharp has served clients worldwide with creative and remarkable technology solutions. Because Insharp’s experience extends beyond standard solutions, its clients have not found a better service in terms of CTO outsourcing or software advice anywhere else.

“Since 2010, we have been transforming the digital landscape and helping local talent drive the vision of a digital Sri Lanka,” stated the President, CEO, and Founder of Insharp Technologies, Rangana Samarasinghe. For over twelve years, Insharp Technologies has brought in a large amount of revenue without the backing of any foreign investors. Our main focus and commitment to our country are to bring in foreign revenue during these trying times. We are proud to see what InSharp has grown into and the potential it has for the years to come.”

With various services ranging from single app developments to creating software product portfolios, over the years, InSharp Technologies have grown to become a solid pillar in the global industry with its customers’ continued trust and support. InSharp Technologies has assisted organisations and received numerous prestigious awards as a testament to their excellent solutions, services, and expertise.

Insharp Technologies’ success has also been enhanced by its subsidiary arms of BIZMO and CSuite-HR. The two subsidiaries address two sectors of the same industry, allowing for the development of businesses in a more streamlined and accessible way. 

BIZMO, Insharp’s digital marketing arm, brings its consumers affordable strategic digital marketing solutions to help grow, lead and enhance brands. BIZMO caters to a vast segment of customers and stands as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka. BIZMO professionals are passionate about building the best strategy to help with company’s social media optimisation and lead generation.

Meanwhile, Insharp’s CSuite-HR streamlines all segments of Human Resource Management with the use of artificial intelligence, big data analytics and process automation to make HR the most relevant component in strategic decision making. CSuite-HR also uses cognitive technologies, competency-based selection models, and AI predictive tools to improve recruitment decisions.

Insharp Technologies also achieved a milestone in being the first to introduce ‘People and Culture Management’ in place of ‘Human Resource Management, which allowed for more collaboration and humanisation of the business efforts. Teamwork is important to Insharp’s culture and work ethics. As a result, the management always encourages team-building activities. By working together, sharing expertise, and helping one another, the firm has travelled a longer and more efficient path to success.

“We replaced competition with collaboration and performance evaluation with capability developments. This transformed our objectives and enhanced our teamwork, allowing us to move forward as a family,” said Samarasinghe.

Insharp Technologies expressed its ultimate objective to target becoming the most recognised global tech service provider that makes the best initiations for business growth by utilising in-depth knowledge to derive solutions in an innovative style. As one of the best software development companies in Sri Lanka that cater to a wide range of global clients, Insharp Technologies has also succeeded in outsourcing software products that have helped clients be among the top brands in their relevant business market.

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