Integrated COVID-19 Test Surveillance Platform “SUPARIKSHA” boosts the Ministry of Health’s battle against the pandemic

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The Ministry of Health’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic was given a timely boost by the “SUPARIKSHA” PCR/Antigen/Antibody Test Management System developed by Loons Lab, a Sri Lankan-based technology company that specializes in software development consultancy, to address the requirements of the Ministry.

“SUPARIKSHA” is an innovative solution owned by the Ministry of Health that comes with a mobile application, web portal, and laboratory application to digitize the full process of COVID-19 related PCR, Antigen, and Antibody tests. SUPARIKSHA digitizes the entire process from the point of collecting samples, directing sample bulks for the laboratories based on capacity, conducting tests, test appointments management, authorizing results, generating reports, communicating results to patients instantly via an SMS, managing stocks, dashboards, and statistics from ground level to district, provincial and country level. This system was conceptualized as a breakthrough solution to replace traditional paper-based manual methods and helped provide convenience and enhance efficiency levels during the course of carrying out COVID-related tests. The system has helped to centralize all data across the country in each Grama Niladhari division and the data has been used daily to get better insights and streamline the decision-making process.

The project was spearheaded by the Ministry of Health’s Former Deputy Director General (Laboratory Services) Dr.Saman Rathnayake, Senior Registrar of Apeksha Hospital Maharagama-Digital Health Initiative, Dr.Nishan Siriwardene, and Dr.Kasun Rambukwella in implementing the system by the Ministry. The software development services were provided by the experts at Loons Lab that included Founder and CEO Pulani Ranasinghe and the team comprising Gayan Geethanjana, Ishara Roshan, Tharindu Madusanka, Jeniffer Weerasinghe, Yavindu De Alwis, Chathuranga Kaththota, and Lalendra Dias.

Sharing his thoughts, Dr.Kasun Rambukwella stated, “Through the effective use of the system the results releasing process has been expedited by approximately 8 hours, from the paper-based system. Communication to the general public has also been expedited by 4-10 days via instant communication. Presently, the system is been integrated with private sector laboratory PCR test results as well. We also have to thank the MLTs union and PHI union for their support in launching the system.”

Expressing her opinion, Loons Lab Founder and CEO Pulani Ranasinghe stated, “Loons Lab is proud to be a part of this national effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic through SUPARIKSHA since the 1st COVID wave and incrementally develop and release and to build what it is today. With the experience of servicing Health Information System that runs at around 12 government Hospitals in Sri Lanka, we were quickly able to understand the domain and address the requirements.”

Loons Lab is a Sri Lanka-based software company that has a specialized team to support digitizing of services to achieve efficiency and convenience. The company has successfully delivered digitization solutions for the Sri Lankan government, NGOs, and private sector clients of varying sizes. Loons Lab’s portfolio comprises state-of-the-art products for Occupational Health and Safety, Fleet Management, and Health Sector. Further details can be obtained by visiting or by contacting via or (+94)712487141.

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