Invest with Confidence: Groundworth Partners Streamlines Sri Lankan Real Estate

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Groundworth Partners, a rising star in Sri Lanka’s real estate sector, is a company built on the foundation of offering exceptional value to its clients by providing meticulously chosen real estate opportunities.   

Groundworth Partners offers exceptional properties that exceed your expectations. Their thorough process ensures every offering meets the highest standards. This includes prioritising legal security with a senior legal team led by a former magistrate examining all deeds. Safety is paramount, so they choose properties in well-established neighbourhoods.  Accessibility is a must, with strategically acquired land offering easy access to well-connected roads. Convenience is key, so every Groundworth property is close to essential amenities. Finally, with an eye toward future growth, their team of real estate experts carefully analyses potential appreciation before acquiring any land.    

Groundworth Partners is led by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in business, law, finance, and architecture. This expertise ensures a comprehensive and streamlined experience for their clients.   

“We offer real estate that we would be confident investing in,” says Kasun Andrahennadi, Managing Director and Co-founder of Groundworth Partners. “Our success with sold-out projects like Groundworth Himbutana and Groundworth Athurugiriya is a testament to our rigorous selection process and unwavering commitment to quality.”  

Recognising the complexities of navigating the real estate market, Groundworth Partners strives to simplify the process.  They offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to support their clients throughout the entire journey. This includes expert guidance to ensure informed decisions are made, advisory services to expat buyers on compliance & repatriation of funds in investments, aftercare management, and access to attractive home loan options through a partnership with Hatton National Bank. The partnership with award-winning architects from Studio Hexar allows them to offer exceptional design and functionality as an additional service for anyone interested in building a house or property on the land they have purchased.  

Groundworth Partners is poised to change the landscape of real estate investment in Sri Lanka.  By prioritising thorough selection, client experience, and a commitment to quality, they are building a reputation for trust and exceptional value.     

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