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–Fix It with JLanka Technologies Electronic and Electrical Repair Services–

Pioneering solar energy and solar solutions provider JLanka Technologies is today a household and trusted name in providing the latest developments in solar power and solar energy technologies. In an effort to further strengthen and expand their customer services, JLanka recently ventured in to electronic and electrical appliance repairs as well. The company has the technological expertise and highly-skilled workforce to handle any type of repairs on household electrical and electronic appliances.

“JLanka Technologies has for many years been trusted as the go-to name for solar power and solar solutions. Our services have also included on and off grid installations, and repair and maintenance thereafter. Our superior commitment to after sales service has enabled us to build a loyal customer base. Venturing in to the repairs of electric and electronic home appliances will allow us to offer our customers extended support”, said Sajith Batagoda – Manager Marketing of J Lanka Technologies.

A state-of-the-art workshop and a dedicated electronic repairs lab ensures that the repairs being conducted are precision and technologically advanced. Depending on the nature and extent of repairs, the JLanka team has the ability to carry out repairs on site or will safely transfer the appliances to the workshop and deliver back when the work is complete. The company has superior expertise in handling insulation and inverter systems repairs, assembling and maintenance work as well.

Gihan Lakmal – Electronics Engineer of J Lanka Technologies

 “We strongly believe that our customers will benefit from being able to have a one-stop-shop for their repair needs. Our first aim would be to extend the repair services to our existing customers and then venture out in to reaching new customers as well”, added M. A. Gihan Lakmal – Electronics Engineer of J Lanka Technologies.

JLanka also specializes in repairs and maintenance of solar inverters and has been recognized for its superior after sales services in this area as well. As the pioneer in solar technology in Sri Lanka, the team constantly educates customers on the proper care and maintenance of solar panels installed in their homes or offices and is on-call for any larger maintenance or repair work as and when required. Preventive maintenance which is done periodically to ensure that larger repairs are not necessary or breakdowns do not occur can also be scheduled through a simple call the workshop.

The JLanka Repair Services will be available 365-days of the year and all off-site repairs will be conducted at the conveniently located workshop in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Customers also have the option of bringing in their electrical and electronic appliances to the workshop for repairs if they so prefer. 

Electronic or electrical appliances that malfunction are not only hazardous but may also result in extra power consumption. Such appliances need to be repaired by professionals in order to ensure longevity and reliability. This is what the JLanka Technologies Repair and Maintenance teams offer.

For more information please call 0112-786 786 / 0112129691 or visit www.jlanka.com

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