Kumarika Introduces New Therapy Range to Revitalize Hair Care Routines of Busy Women

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Today’s time starved busy life schedules have taken a toll on women’s hair health, especially at a time when they have to engage in both work and daily chores. Their schedules are too full, depriving them of enough time to focus on hair treatments. Sri Lanka’s No. 01 hair care brand Kumarika, being a brand that truly understands the changing requirements of consumers has introduced an ideal solution for all busy women to cater to the wellbeing of their hair health. The launch of the latest hair care solution Kumarika Therapy range meets the needs of today’s women with fast-paced life styles.

The new Therapy oil, which is introduced as a pre-bath treatment takes only 20 minutes of a woman’s valuable time, so that she can return back to her daily routine immediately after a shower. Unlike the traditional hair oil solutions that need to be kept for hours, it is just a simple process to apply the new Therapy oil, thanks to the innovative applicator comb it possesses. With this applicator comb, oil can be applied conveniently throughout the scalp and after that, all that women need to do is massage the head gently with the fingertips and let it absorb for 20 minutes, before taking a bath. A mere 20 minutes process means any woman engaging in a career or household work can easily use this treatment at least 2-3 times even during weekdays.

The Therapy Hair oil range integrates five natural oils sourced from 100% plant based ingredients. This unique mix of five ingredients: Coconut oil, Almond oil, Argon oil, Castor oil and Hibiscus oil work in unison to provide 100% nourishment to women’s hair. When it comes to pure coconut oil, it helps to protect the hair from protein loss, minimize hair breakage, moisturize the hair, stimulates hair growth and protects from external effects such as dust, smoke and sunlight. The magnesium infused Almond oil helps to soften and strengthen the hair, thanks to the high amount of Vitamin E it possesses, repairs damaged hair follicles, builds scalp tissues and soothes scalp inflammation.

Argan oil, a great moisturizer, helps in keeping the hair and scalp deeply moisturized and reduces hair breakage, split ends while keeping the scalp healthy and preventing hair loss. Castor (Enderu oil), which is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, helps in hair growth, moisturizes the hair, improves hair flexibility, softness and shine. Hibiscus or Pokuru Wada Mal helps in producing Keratin to repair damaged hair, maintains hair color, thickens the hair and minimizes hair loss. All these five ingredients have been in use for centuries and are well known to be highly beneficial for hair health.

Kumarika Therapy hair oil range caters to the five most pressing hair care problems faced by Sri Lankan women including dry scalp, hair breakage, coarse hair, split ends and hair discoloration caused due to common factors such as stress, lack of sleep, use of excessive hair styling appliances and external factors such as heat, dust and tropical climate.

As a truly Sri Lankan brand, Kumarika has been catering to the hair care needs of Sri Lankan women with focus on affordability and making sure that high quality hair care solutions are accessible to all Sri Lankan women. The new Kumarika Therapy range infused with 100% natural ingredients – designated specially for hair care treatments is launched at a very affordable price of Rs. 300/- for a 70ml bottle.

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