Lankem Agro Launches Nationwide Tree Planting Initiative for World Environment Day

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Lankem Agro, the agribusiness company of the diversified conglomerate Lankem Ceylon PLC, announced a transformative initiative to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, followed by a tree-planting program. This ambitious effort underscores Lankem Agro’s dedication to environmental stewardship and food security, aligning with its core values and long-term sustainability goals.

As part of this initiative, Lankem Agro will plant 1,500 trees across the country, including 1,300 jackfruit trees and 200 mango trees. These species were carefully selected for their substantial nutritional benefits and cultural importance, reflecting the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable and healthy food sources while assisting to improve food security in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the program is designed to address environmental concerns and support rural communities by providing valuable resources and education on sustainable agriculture.

The tree-planting initiative took place covering six areas of the country – Upcountry and North Western, North Central, North, East, Central and South. Apart from these areas, two tree-planting ceremonies happened at Lankem Head Office in Colombo 10 and Lankem Agro Factory in Pannala. Lankem Agro CEO, top management of Lankem Agro, Area Managers, Area Executives, Teachnical Sales Representatives and Area Field Officers of Lankem Agro and other distinguished guests including key representatives from Agriculture Department, Sri Lanka Police, local universities, Divisional Secretariat, Grama Niladhari officers and students graced these events. 

Currently, the world is witnessing severe environmental threats, manifested through changing climate patterns, reduced rainfall, and other adverse effects. One of the most significant concerns arising from these environmental changes is the threat to food security. With erratic weather patterns and decreasing rainfall, agricultural productivity is jeopardized, making it increasingly difficult to produce enough food to meet Sri Lanka’s needs.

In such a context, Lankem Agro has conceived this tree-planting program as a meaningful initiative that can contribute to addressing these challenges. This initiative will be rolled out islandwide, particularly in rural areas. By distributing these trees among rural communities, Lankem Agro aims to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the environment. The initiative empowers these communities, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate and sustain these valuable resources.

Nishantha Jayamanne, Chief Executive Officer of Lankem Agro, expressed that the World Environment Day Tree Planting Program is a significant step towards fostering environmental stewardship and enhancing food security in Sri Lanka. 

“This initiative reflects our deep commitment to sustainability and dedication to supporting rural communities. By promoting tree planting, we directly contribute to combating climate change, enhancing biodiversity, and improving soil health, which are critical elements of our environmental strategy. We believe that by planting these trees, we are planting the seeds for a healthier, more sustainable future,” said Jayamanne. 

Lankem Ceylon PLC was incorporated in 1964 by Royal Dutch Shell as a manufacturer and supplier of agrochemicals. Its business expansions since have led to industry sectors such as Paints, Chemicals, Consumer, Pest Control, Leisure, and Packaging. Today, its portfolio spans across twenty-five subsidiaries in nine major industries where Lankem has risen above the competition. In 2010, Lankem Ceylon further strengthened its position by divesting into the FMCG sector as well. The company propels forward with the aim to boldly grow the good in business and life with its purpose shaping the strategy, reinforcing its commitments to progress for a thriving economy, a sustainable future, and an inclusive society.

Lankem Agro, the agribusiness arm of Lankem Ceylon PLC, is a pioneer in the agrochemical industry in Sri Lanka since 1964. Positioned as ‘Farmer’s Friend’ (Goviyage Hithamithura), the company focuses on providing advanced agricultural solutions and products such as agrochemicals, seed paddy, vegetable seeds, fertilizer and plant stimulants. 

Additionally, the state-of-the-art Lankem agrochemical production facility is accredited with several certifications including ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001–2015 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001-2018 (Occupational health and safety management system). The business segments of Lankem Agro are Agrochemicals, Seed Paddy, Vegetable Seeds, Fertilizer, Plant Stimulants & Other Products. 

With the mission to be a fully integrated player in the agriculture value chain to develop sustainable agro-based industries using science-based technologies, Lankem Agro plays a significant role in enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability in Sri Lanka. 

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