Lihini Seafoods continues journey of innovation by introducing premium fish sausages locally

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Lihini Seafoods, Sri Lanka’s award-winning seafood exporter with over two decades of experience, has unveiled its latest innovative product by introducing Premium Fish Sausages to the local market.

Lihini Seafoods Premium Fish Sausages have been introduced to the market following nearly a year of research and development. The sausages are ideally suited for consumers seeking to add a delicious, healthy protein option to their daily meals. It is a truly Sri Lankan product made using a premium original recipe. The product’s adherence to the highest of quality standards is emphasized by the GMP and HACCP certifications. The sausages provide a number of health benefits including being a good source of protein and a natural source of Omega 3 and are guaranteed to be free of Nitrate, MSG, artificial flavours and artificial colours. They are available in packs of 200g at an introductory price of Rs.590 at leading supermarkets across the island.

Malintha Fernando – Director of Lihini Seafoods stated, “Lihini Seafoods has established itself as a distinguished leader in the seafood industry, thanks to our impressive track record as both an award-winning seafood exporter and a trusted local fish supplier. We are a proud Sri Lankan brand that has conquered the international market. With nearly two decades of experience, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has made us a prominent name in the global seafood market. Our premium Fish Sausages are the perfect option for consumers seeking a healthy, delicious option to obtain their daily intake of protein and Omega 3 for the entire family. They contain no nitrate, MSG, artificial flavours and artificial colours. We are proud of our latest innovative product and are excited about the potential it has for improving the nutrition levels of Sri Lankan families.”

In the recent past, Lihini Seafoods entered the local market by launching its Lihini Frozen Range of fish products in supermarkets giving local customers the opportunity to enjoy the freshest seafood made to international standards. Looking ahead, the company plans to introduce innovative products such as fish spreads and fish burger patties and more to give consumers a wider choice.

As an award-winning Sri Lankan seafood exporter, Lihini Seafoods possesses over two decades of experience in serving a global clientele across America, Europe, Asia, Russia and Oceania. The company’s current food safety management system has been developed in accordance with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9 and complies with IFS Food Safety (IFS) Certification as well as other EU and local regulatory requirements. It operates a HACCP certified processing facility that also adheres to FDA, GMP, Friend of the Sea Certification and Dolphin Safe Certification. The company also complies with microbiological, chemical and hygienic parameters required by the EU, USA and all other markets. In order to ensure the highest quality in all its products, each fish is carefully examined by its Quality Control unit for the histamine levels, mercury levels, colour, smell, temperature and overall freshness while it continuously updates and upgrades safety, hygiene and quality of the products and staff.

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