Looking for All the Food, Extra Food or Groceries for Your Celebration?

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Then UberEats is Your Best Bet!

Whether you’re looking to quickly sort out all the food for your seasonal celebration, order extra food in a rush or get some essential groceries without missing out on the festivities, Uber Eats is here for you, all through the Season. 

Hundreds of Restaurants and Options

Whatever your budget or palate dictates, Uber Eats can deliver! With hundreds of restaurants and countless food options available, our delivery partners will be working all through the Season to fulfil all your desires. 

Groceries and Stuff

Sometimes all you need is a few groceries to bring out the magic in your celebration. If you’ve forgotten to get them or run out of stuff, Uber Eats can get you what you need, right to your doorstep. That leaves you free to focus on your celebration and spending time with those who mean the most to you. 

Special Requirements? Tap Uber Connect!

If you want to send or receive something special during the Season, you can count on Uber Connect. Our delivery partners will be happy to swing by and get what you need where you need it! 

Be Happy, But Stay Safe!

Don’t take the risk of leaving your celebrations to get something in a rush, especially if you shouldn’t be driving. It’s not worth the risk or the hassle. Just hit up Uber Eats and we’ll deliver! It’s what we do. And what we live for!

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