Microsoft Build 2024 – Microsoft Announces Evolution and Expansion of AI Tools for Developers

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Microsoft Build is an annual flagship event for developers around the world, empowering them to improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and make new breakthroughs. With about 60 new announcements, Microsoft Build 2024 kickstarted with an opening keynote from Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, highlighting advancements of the expansive growth of Microsoft Copilot and Azure. Developers were introduced to a wealth of updates designed to enhance efficiency and scalability across all facets of cloud computing.

Empowering Developers with Azure AI Studio: A One-Stop Shop for Building AI Solutions

Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure AI Studio, enabling developers to explore, build, and deploy AI solutions with ease. Positioned as a platform for responsible generative AI development, Azure AI Studio offers a comprehensive toolkit for crafting advanced AI programs.

Within Azure AI Studio, developers can now delve into cutting-edge AI tools, orchestrate multiple APIs and models, ground models on their secure data, and rigorously test and evaluate AI innovations for performance and safety. Moreover, the platform supports scalable deployment with continuous monitoring in production environments.

AI Development Tools Bolstered as Microsoft Partners with Khan Academy to Empower Educators

Microsoft and Khan Academy are partnering up to expand access to AI tools that personalize teaching and help make learning fun. With Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Khan Academy now offers free access to the pilot of Khanmigo for Teachers, an AI-powered teaching assistant, to all US K-12 educators, empowering them to better engage with and support students. Additionally, Microsoft’s Azure AI-optimized infrastructure enhances Khanmigo for Teachers, ensuring its availability and scalability. Furthermore, they are bringing in high-quality educational content to more learners by adding Khan Academy’s content into Microsoft Copilot and Teams for Education, a free version of Microsoft’s popular Teams app, to enhance collaboration and learning customized to meet the needs of educators and students.

New agent capabilities in Microsoft Copilot unlock business value

Microsoft Copilot has evolved significantly to enhance team collaboration and task management, now serving entire teams and organizations rather than just individuals. The introduction of new capabilities to Copilot Studio allows developers to create custom Copilots tailored to specific tasks, increasing efficiency and autonomy. Additionally, custom copilots created from SharePoint can help your team get information they need from files in seconds and can be further edited and enhanced using Copilot Studio. These advancements enable teams to work more effectively and efficiently, improving overall productivity and collaboration. 

Cutting-edge AI Models and Real-Time Business Intelligence Tools Unveiled

Microsoft announced the introduction of Real-Time Intelligence in its Microsoft Fabric platform, a feature that empowers you to harness the full power of signals from across your organization to drive decisions and actions in real time. This tool helps organizations quickly interpret and utilize data from their operations to make immediate, informed decisions. It enables users to easily ask complex questions about their real-time data using natural language and automatically get alerts about hard-to-find but high-value anomalies in petabytes of data.

Lastly, to make sure AI is used responsibly, Microsoft has added more tools within Azure AI, now totaling 20 Responsible AI tools with over 90 features. They’ve made Azure AI Content Safety even better, so developers can work in a safer and more secure way. 

With these advancements, Microsoft is creating new opportunities for developers at a time when AI is transforming every layer of the tech stack. 

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