Navigating Work and Love: The Dynamic Journey of the Deepan Duo

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In the bustling world of business, where success often comes hand in hand with a hectic lifestyle, finding the delicate balance between personal and professional life can be a challenge. But for Alison and Pravinth Deepan, the power couple behind in10nt, it’s a challenge they’ve not only embraced but conquered with finesse.

Running a company as a husband and wife team may sound like a complex juggling act, but for the Deepans, it’s a well-orchestrated dance. Their journey is a testament to the art of maintaining both a thriving business and a loving partnership.

Pravinth Deepan – Co-founder & Brand Management Specialist, IN10NT and Alison Deepan Managing Partner and Head of Design, IN10NT

Understanding the Roles and Strengths:

One of the fundamental aspects of their success is understanding each other’s roles and recognizing the unique strengths they bring to the table. Alison, with her keen eye for design and marketing prowess, complements Pravinth’s strategic mindset and technical expertise. Their synergy has been a driving force behind the growth and innovation that in10nt has experienced.

“Knowing each other’s strengths is key,” Pravinth explains. “We don’t try to step on each other’s toes. Instead, we leverage our individual skills to make the company stronger.”

The Importance of Clear Communication:

Clear communication is the linchpin of any successful partnership, both in business and in marriage. Cultivating effective communication can be challenging, but the Deepans have mastered it over the years. From planning meetings to coordinating their day, they ensure they’re on the same page, and this approach extends to their exceptional team.

“Structure is essential,” Alison adds. “It’s not just about the big decisions; it’s also about the little things, like running through the day together and making time for coffee mornings.”

Working with an Energetic Team:

In addition to their roles as a dynamic duo, Alison and Pravinth have assembled an incredible team that includes their two beloved children. Their vibrant and creative youngsters play a vital role in ensuring a smooth sail for the company.

Pravinth chuckles as he recounts his son’s considerate actions. “He sends me private messages when he knows I’m upset with work, asking me to smile and hope all is okay. It’s these random gestures that keep us going throughout the day.”

Respect, Trust, and Love:

Many would say that mixing business and personal life is a recipe for disaster, but the Deepans prove that it can be a recipe for success. By respecting each other’s space, role, and expertise, they’ve built a harmonious work environment. After all, who better to trust as your partner than the person who’s been with you through every storm and sunshine?

“Building a business together isn’t easy,” Alison admits, “but when you have that deep level of trust and respect, it can be incredibly rewarding.”

In the Deepans’ world, love, work, and family seamlessly coexist. While the road may not always be smooth, their unwavering commitment to both their business and their marriage serves as an inspiration to all. If they can make it work, they suggest, so can anyone willing to put in the effort.

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