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Schokman & Samerawickreme, the premier charted auctioneers in Sri Lanka along with OREL IT, the forefront of the Sri Lankan IT industry developed a state-of-the-art online auctioneering portal with an array of features integrated into it. Users can live-stream auctions with this platform. Also, they can enjoy all, admins can provide real time support for the users of this platform.

Navinda Samerawickrema, Managing Partner- Schokman & Samerawickreme (Right) and Kalinda Wickramage, Chief Marketing Officer- OREL IT

Auctioneering is no longer a business limited to traditional forms of operation. Owing to the cutting-edge technologies in the millennia, auctioneers are swiftly transforming their business to be handled online. This is basically done to ensure the continuity of business, even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, thereby retaining the usual customer influxes. 

Additionally, this platform enables Schokman & Samerawickreme to display their wide gamut of products to a global customer base and allows the auctioneering pioneer to host multiple auctions at the same time for customers aspiring different items. 

Mr. Navinda Samerawickrema, Managing Partner at Schokman & Samerawickreme, said ‘Our company is delighted with OREL IT’s outstanding solution, as it had enabled us to increase sales and smooth function our business. Especially managing live auctions had been a wonderful experience since we started using this solution. We take immense pleasure to wish all the best for team OREL IT.’

Above all, this platform has a huge contemporary relevance as it can effectively prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus due to obvious reasons. Owing to this fully-fledged system by OREL IT, delivering a stress-free auctioneering experience with increased flexibility and transparency is no longer an unthinkable activity, despite the ongoing pandemic.

‘We always believe that it is our corporate responsibility to provide full-fledged IT solutions to address all the business needs of our clients functioning in dynamic business environments. Aligning with the notion we developed this solution for Schokman & Samarawickreme and we are completely pleased to hear that our online auctioneering product could easily revamp their auctioneering business,’ said OREL IT Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Kalinda Wickramage.

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