Pelwatte Dairy, a name synonymous with the principles of innovation and quality

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The local dairy industry leader, Pelwatte, is set to launch a range of new products this year which are currently under research and development. Using only 100% locally sourced dairy milk with no added preservatives, flavors and coloring these products will be great additions to Pelwatte’s already extensive dairy products portfolio. As a local dairy processor, Pelwatte believes that it is equipped to cater the demand of not only milk powder but also with fresh milk, butter, cheese, ice cream and other value added dairy products.

These efforts start with the dairy farmers, who work very hard despite the many hindrances that they face due to the situation in the country. Yet, they are determined to ensure that the people of this nation receive the best in quality that’s unmatched by even certain international brands. Everyone is on a mission to ensure that the people of this Island nation are satisfied and receive the right nutrition from dairy products. 

However, this does not end just here. As the Research and Development Manager of Pelwatte, Suneth Gunathilaka, rightfully put “Innovation is not just about thinking out of the box in our industry, it is about ensuring that this innovation is accepted and liked by our advocates, for if not for them who support us, we would not be here right now. This is why Pelwatte has introduced many different products, from butter to ice cream, and its different flavors that we believe our advocates will love. Pelwatte distinguishes itself from other brands because of its constant efforts to improve its standards. This can be witnessed the moment you open a product from Pelwatte. Freshness, taste, trust, and happiness is what you feel and witness with Pelwatte. This is because of the many efforts that go into each drop of milk that you consume.”

Pelwatte Dairy, which is known for its range of interesting innovative dairy products, is gearing up to launch a range of new products. Using only 100% locally sourced milk, Pelwatte Dairy plans to offer new strawberry flavored set yoghurt that comes in sets and strawberry drinking yoghurt. This is not the first attempt at flavored products that Pelwatte has made. It is well known for its range of ice cream products from your usual, but enhanced flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla to the more exquisite ginger biscuit, faluda, coconut with cardamom, butterscotch, blueberry and fruit & nut. All of which are fan favorites. Including the little ones who enjoy different flavors and sweet tooth taste pallets.

Based on extensive market research, the company has decided to introduce a new butter to market for those who enjoy a good culmination of buttery spice and saltiness. The Chili Butter, which adds really flavorful chilli note to Pelwatte’s already creamy and tasty butter, is expected to be a real delight to the consumers who expect a twist in their meal. Again, this doesn’t end here as Pelwatte also plans its Ghee product which will be introduced in a 500g tin pack, which is one of the best high fat dairy products in the world due to the many international standardization methods that have been implemented in order to produce it.

Whether it is sweet or spice, there is something for everyone at Pelwatte. This is why there are many admirers and advocates of the brand. This is also the motivation behind Pelwatte’s mission of a self-sufficiency. It’s not just about dairy alone, but catering to everyone’s different tastes and cravings with it which is what makes Pelwatte an industrial leader and role model that other brands should follow. 

Pelwatte, as a trusted local dairy processors have shown time and time again that their product quality is far superior and definitely fresher than imported products. Pelwatte always guarantees the time taken from farm gate to retail outlet shelves is less than 48 hours, which cannot be claimed by imported brands. Despite being locally sourced it is quite clear that supply and production costs have increased due to surging rates on other factors. However, through all these challenges Pelwatte assures its customers that there will be no decline in quality or the service that it provides.

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