People’s Leasing donates Rs. 25 Mn. worth of essential medical equipment to fight COVID – 19

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Sri Lanka’s leading state-owned Non-Bank Finance Institution, People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (People’s Leasing) recently donated essential medical equipment to strengthen the national response against the COVID-19 pandemic. The vital medical supplies were presented to selected government hospitals to support testing and treatment.

Hon. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa symbolically handing over a medical equipment to Dr. G.W.P. Shiroman of the District General Hospital Gampaha, flanked by Minister of Health Mrs. Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Chairman of People’s Bank and People’s Leasing, Mr. Sujeewa Rajapaksa and the Chief Executive /General Manager of People’s Leasing Mr. Shamindra Marcelline

The handing over ceremony held at the Temple Trees recently was graced by Hon Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa & Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi and Chairman of People’s Bank & People’s Leasing Mr. Sujeewa Rajapaksa & Chief Executive Officer/General Manager, People’s Leasing, Mr. Shamindra Marcelline. This donation was a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative coinciding with the 25th anniversary of People’s Leasing.

Dr. I.W.M.J. Wickramaratne, Director of the District General Hospital Trincomalee

PLC’s medical support to effectively control COVID-19 response included two portable PCR machines for COVID testing and other essential medical equipment to enhance efficiency of in-ward and intensive care units. The consignment of equipment also included: a portable ventilator, high flow oxygen therapy unit, multi para patient monitors for in-ward and intensive care use, CPAP/BiPAP machines, pulse oximeters, infusion and syringe pumps.

Mr. K.K.R. Tharanga, Chief Pharmacist of the Base Hospital Medirigiriya

Hon. Minister of Health, Pavithra Wanniarachchi also emphasized the importance of the timely intervention in donating essential medical equipment to effectively perform tests against COVID and effectively treat COVID-19 patients at a juncture where our nation has been hit by an unprecedented third wave of the coronavirus.

Ms. B.W.M.S.K.I. Jayaratne, Surgical Pharmacist of the District General Hospital Kegalle

“The donation of medical items today is a further testament to PLC’s commitment to empower frontline healthcare workers to perform with greater efficiency and convenience with necessary resources at their disposal. The donation to coincide with our anniversary was a response to a request to us from the government hospitals which operates with limited resources” stated the Chairman of People’s Bank & People’s Leasing, Mr. Sujeewa Rajapaksa.

Dr. Mrs. E. Rajapakshe, the Medical Superintendent of the Base Hospital Marawila

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer/GM, Mr. Shamindra Marcelline said that the focus of this particular programme was also included vulnerable communities outside of Colombo. He extended his gratitude to the Health Ministry for their continuous support throughout the project from the point of conducting need assessments to fast procurement from quality listed suppliers.

“We appreciate the fact that People’s Leasing donated the items where they are most required. ,” said Dr. I.W.M.J. Wickramaratne, Director – District General Hospital Trincomalee. He further said that, as the number of COVID cases have surged daily over the past weeks and as such the donation is seen as of being paramount importance and relevance.

Since the start of the pandemic, PLC has increased prevention and response activities in its business operating sites island wide, in adherence to the health protocols introduced by the government, running awareness campaigns with key messages on prevention among its staff and customers, scaling up sanitary and hygiene facilities in its network of business unit and setting up a dedicated COVID Task Force within the company to steer prompt action on COVID control.

During the first wave of the pandemic, PLC extended support to strengthen COVID patient management through the presentation of medical equipment including infrared thermometers, wireless stethoscopes, echo ultra sound scanner machine and other essential equipment to several government hospitals.

Further, the company also partnered with the Ministry of Education to improve COVID preparedness efforts in 21 government schools. Committing beyond healthcare facilitation, People’ Leasing supported continued education in uncertain times through the presentation of electronic devices for 53 deserving beneficiary students of its ‘Senehasa’ scholarship scheme initiated back in 2017, to undergo their online education at a cost of Rs. 1.2 Mn..

Established in 1996, People’s Leasing sustains its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty through responsible and inclusive finance.

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