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A spiritual artist, A wellness connoisseur, Entrepreneur, esteemed tour guide, metalhead and fitness enthusiast Shanjei Malraj Perumal is a man of many talents. Here is a man who does things differently, and does it in grand panache and majestic style.  

Today Shanjei’s ground-breaking yoga sessions stem from a philosophy that encompasses  breath work, physical conditioning, enhancing respiration and vitality, maintaining a balanced  metabolism, improving cardiovascular and circulatory health, and increasing flexibility.  


Breathing as we all know, is an organic act and pattern of behaviour manifest and mandatory  for any life form to exist on this earth. Breathing essentially brings oxygen into our bodies assisting us to thrive and survive.  

Findings depict that 90% of all chronic ailments are connected to breathing. Isn’t that a mind  blowing fact? But have you ever considered how important breathing and breath work is to your life? 

Breathing is a vital key to unlocking doors of opportunities in heightening your physical prowess  and fitness, yet at the same time will empower you with a new set of tools to add value to your  life so you can start towards building a healthier lifestyle.  

Intricate breath work and meditation is so much more than mere exercise or arbitrary practice.  It can be the cornerstone of unlocking holistic healing and transformation. But what if we can master the art and technique of breathing consciously, with awareness and  intent? 


Pranayama is a holistic practice of improving and expanding one’s vital energy, by regulating  your breath using ancient yogic techniques. Pranayama helps with every day anxiety, depression and assists in curating anger management  problems. It is a powerful teaching methodology including new techniques and meditation therapy.  

It offers benefits of improving self-awareness, activating your parasympathetic nervous system  and accentuating a higher state of vibration. Yoga done properly with an open heart and mind can bring your complete attention to your  breath and regulating it. The idea is to adapt different practices that improve your pranic body. 

A One of A Kind Workshop 

On the 19th of November, Shanjei will conduct a Pranayama/breath work introductory  workshop. A truly one of a kind event that welcomes fitness enthusiasts, loyalists of wellbeing, yoga  devotees and admirers, and anyone who seeks to find physical, psychological and spiritual  balance and well being in one’s life.  

A Pranayama Experience that will delve into areas like ‘What is Pranayama and Why Do You Need It?’ 

The workshop will be an interactive discussion where participants get to share what they  perceive to be breath work and how it can help them. The interactive dialog will be followed by a 45 minute Pranayama practice showcasing the power of breath regulation and how it can help you expand your vital pranic energy. 

The event will conclude with a cup of cinnamon tea – where attendees can ask more questions, and have more discussions.  This wondrous introduction of breath work can be a momentous stepping stone to make  Pranayama practice a habitual experience. 

It will help people deal with anxiety and stress to better adapt to problematic situations and be  more calm and collected; be it as professionals in the corporate sphere, when it comes to being  more socially engaging and networking on a daily basis, and even personally in one’s day to day  family lives dealing with the copious trials and tribulations you may face.  

Don’t forget to register and get those bookings in by contacting Prana Lounge or Shanjei on his  socials. Get those mats and minds ready to experience an intimate spiritual workshop that will open  your life to a world of benefits, healing and transformation. Saturday the 19th November.  

Because let’s not forget…  A healthy body after all leads to a healthy mind.  

And Shanjei’s Pranayama Workshop is bound to be an experience that’s one of a kind. 

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