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Farveez Maharoof and Arif Roney team up with Rakuten Viber to rally cricket fans in celebrating their love for cricket this season as they bring in fan-favorite player, Bhanuka Rajapaksa, and Bangladeshi fast bowler Taskin Ahmed, and all-time favorite ex-cricketer now most sought-after coach, Lasith Malinga, on a special talk show exclusively on Viber.

Rakuten Viber does it again this Cricket season by elevating the entire cricket experience for its users with the launch of even better activities and exciting features on its popular messaging platform. Coming from last year’s celebration of the Cricket Fiesta, Viber continues with the trend of delighting its users with an experience that’s even more intense and engaging for its cricket loving fans. So brace yourself for a cricket fever like never before with a dedicated Cricket Vibes Channel where you’ll not only receive match updates and news alerts but also get exclusive access to a range of cricket-related content directly from your favorite Cricketers! 

The hottest addition to this year’s lineup of activities includes Cricket Talks – an exclusive bi-weekly talk show segment, hosted within the Cricket Vibes Channel where former Sri Lankan Cricket Player and Commentator, Farveez Maharoof and Bangladesh Sports Journalist Arif Roney come together to talk about all things Cricket. The talk show will also feature special guests such as Sri Lanka’s star cricket player Bhanuka Rajapaksa, famous fast bowler Taskin Ahmed from the Bangladesh Cricket team,and all-time favorite ex-cricketer and now most sought-after coach, Lasith Malinga. The special episodes will see appearances by some of these crowd-favorite players of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh engaging in conversations about recent cricket matches, tournaments, and more. 

“Last year’s Viber Cricket Fiesta really helped us in discovering the likes and dislikes of our cricket enthusiasts on Viber, and so we’re fully geared to once again celebrate a sport that is much loved by our South Asian fans. We’re bringing back their favorite features such the AR-powered Viber Lenses, an even-more interactive Viber Channel where fans can engage more with their most loved cricketers in real-time, win exciting prizes, and have a lot more fun through a gamified experience,” said David Tse, Senior Director at Rakuten Viber.

The dedicated Cricket Vibes Channel provides members with updates about upcoming matches, live score news, the chance to predict matches, and win a range of incredible prizes in addition to fun trivia, shareable memes, and more. The discussions are endless and even before the hype of Indian League wanes, the anticipation of The Cricket World Cup is already brewing! With the excitement hovering around, the Cricket Vibes Channel is something you don’t want to miss out on this Cricket Season, especially if you’re a fan who wants updates on the go. 

If there’s one thing that Viber has always stood out for over the years, it’s for consistently raising the bar of its user experience on the popular messaging platform. From creating custom sticker packs during every noteworthy occasion to integrating the latest technology through AR-powered Lenses,  and to providing subscribers with the opportunity to closely interact with their most loved icons whether footballers, tennis players, or other sports personalities. Viber always creates delightful and memorable experiences for its users. 

So, don’t miss out on yet another incredible experience on your favorite messaging platform this season as Viber celebrates South Asia’s most followed and popular sport – Cricket –  with its very own Cricket Vibes Channel on Viber, a special chat show, and more as you’re in for a real treat with a range of exclusive experiences.

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