Sadaharitha Signs Largest-Ever Agarwood Tech-Sharing Deal with Malaysia

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Sadaharitha Plantations Limited (Sadaharitha), Sri Lanka’s No.1 commercial forestry management company, and the leader in sustainably grown agarwood and other green investments, recently announced a very significant milestone. The company has successfully entered into an agreement with agarwood growers in Malaysia to share and sell its proprietary “SP Tech” for the inoculation of agarwood trees. This technology, developed through years of rigorous research and development, is designed to boost resin production in agarwood trees using natural ingredients. Initially, this agreement will witness the inoculation of one million agarwood trees annually, while three new agarwood product factories will be set up in Malaysia, across different states. 

 The agreement was signed in Malaysia on the 26th June 2024 marking a pivotal achievement not only for Sadaharitha but also for Sri Lanka’s commercial forestry sector. Accordingly, by 2028, the developments resulting from this agreement are expected to meet up to 30% of the world’s demand for agarwood oil. 

This strategic partnership underscores the credibility and trust placed in Sadaharitha by international partners, affirming the company’s position as a trailblazer in the industry. Sadaharitha’s innovative “SP Tech” represents a significant advancement in multiplying agarwood yield, and meeting the global demand for high-quality agarwood products. This achievement aligns with the company’s long-standing commitment to sustainable practices and green investment, having planted over one million trees and served over 47,000 satisfied customers, both locally and globally.

Commenting on this landmark achievement, Mr. Sathis Navarathna, Chairman Sadaharitha Group of Companies said, “Our expansion into the Malaysian market through technology export and expertise sharing reflects our pioneering spirit and dedication to environmental stewardship. By exporting our unique, homegrown technology and techniques, we are both enhancing our global footprint and contributing to Sri Lanka’s foreign income earnings. We are also proud to announce that this partnership with Malaysia is the largest programme of its kind in the history of the industry, highlighting the trust and confidence the world places in Sadaharitha.”

This latest achievement is a clear reflection of Sadaharitha’s vision for the future, demonstrating its ability to evolve with the latest research and development, and take the industry to the next level, whilst promoting green investments through sustainable forestry and agriculture. The company’s efforts have helped to create sustainable sources of agarwood, mahogany, sandalwood, teak and vanilla, for global markets, reducing reliance on wild sources and the associated deforestation and destabilisation of natural ecosystems.  

About Sadaharitha

Sadaharitha Plantations Limited, established in 2002, and Sadaharitha is the Sri Lanka’s No 1 forestry management company. With over 47,000 satisfied customers acting as brand advocates.Sadaharitha has planted over one million trees during the last 22 years in Sri Lanka, exemplifying true green investment. The company is proud to be among the top tier of the agarwood companies globally, with significant operations in the United Kingdom and Madagascar under the names Sior Verde Limited U.K. and Sadaharitha Plantations Madagascar, respectively. The company’s largest plantation spans 5,295 acres in Madagascar, and it has a total of nearly 9,000 acres under management. Committed to social responsibility, Sadaharitha focuses on creating a greener world for future generations by reducing carbon footprints and combating global warming. The company also produces a range of premium branded perfumes and oud products using Sri Lankan Oud (agarwood)and Madagascar Vanilla, and has established strategic business relationships with partners in Malaysia and the UAE.

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