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Samsung, Sri Lanka’s No.1 smartphone brand, recently launched their amplified security customization lock system, Good Lock, to Galaxy smartphones in Sri Lanka.

Samsung’s new launch comes from the feedback from Sri Lanka’s Samsung Members community, who have long since insisted that the Good Lock application be available locally to enhance their customized experience with Samsung.

As Gen Z and Millennials are a target audience that enjoys making every aspect of their device their own, the Good Lock application provides a wide range of customizable features that let you personalize the appearance and interface experience of your Galaxy device. In Sri Lanka, the Samsung Good Lock app is available in all smartphones of the Galaxy S Series, Tab S Series and Z Series, while being accessible to users of the Galaxy A Series starting up from the Galaxy A3x.

“We are extremely pleased to launch Samsung Good Lock locally in Sri Lanka. For many years since its inception, Sri Lanka Samsung users have insisted that it be available in the country. As we are a brand that adheres to our consumers’ needs, we have taken steps for this to be available in Sri Lanka to grow our ever-increasing Samsung community,” commented Mr. Kevin SungSu YOU, Managing Director, Samsung Sri Lanka. 

In order to put the power of customization straight into your hands, several exciting new features have come to the Good Lock app. Along with three brand new applications designed to help you make your S Pen, wallpaper and keyboard truly your own, two existing handy apps are also being updated with new features to provide you with maximum device ease of use.

The ‘Good Lock’ application for Galaxy smartphones was first introduced by Samsung in 2016, and has so far been downloaded over 37 million times across more than 10 countries.

When it came to developing the app, the Good Lock developers worked to give users the freedom to create an experience that is right for them. In establishing an open and personalized experience across devices, platforms, and people, the developers sought to produce an app that would empower each user to turn their device into their own personal ‘Galaxy’.

The first new app that has come to Good Lock is Pentastic, an app that lets you customize the way your S Pen works for you. Pentastic allows you to personalize how your S Pen responds to you by providing different theme and sound options for features such as Air command and Hover pointer.

Customizing your device’s homescreen and lockscreen is one way of definitively making your smartphone your own, and with the Wonderland app, you can take this one step further by creating 3D moving wallpapers for your device. 

There are 14 different modules included in the Good Lock suite. They include the ability to customize the lock screen, notifications, clocks, multitasking screen, navigation bar, sound, and more.

Phones are getting bigger and if you have a Galaxy S22 Ultra or a previous-gen device that is big in size then the One Hand Operation+ module can come in handy. You can swipe to open a menu that brings brightness, Wi-Fi, volume, and other quick toggles to the sides of the display.

You can access it by opening the Good Lock app, switching over to the Family tab, and downloading the One Hand Operation+ module.

With Nice Shot, you can add a bunch of additional customization options to the screenshot UI. For instance, you can add a delete button to the UI, disable crop suggestions while editing, and stop screenshots from being saved to your clipboard.

Using the Home Up module, you can tweak various aspects of the home screen, folder, and share manager, and also select a different task changer. I use this module to change the Task Changer look, as you can change it from the default list style, to grid, stack, vertical list, and slim list.

Updates to the MultiStar app have brought the Galaxy Tablet feature to users, which allows you to enjoy all-new Wireless Keyboard Sharing. This feature lets you connect your smartphone to the Book Cover Keyboard attached to your tablet and seamlessly switch between typing on both devices. 

The Good Lock app also features the Key Café, where you can keep track of all your passwords and other secured folders, Nice Catch that lets you control your phone vibrations, Theme Park and Sound Assistant to personalize your display and sound effects, and Routines+ to keep track of your daily activities. Furthermore, it has also features such as LockStar, NotiStar and NavStar to let you customize your lockscreens, notifications and navigation systems respectively. 

Always at your Service, wherever, whenever. Enjoy peace of mind when you choose to buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The interactive diagnostics and optimization on the Samsung Members app make it easy to tune up the performance of your devices, while our helpline lets you troubleshoot problems when you need the extra support

In Sri Lanka, Samsung has been recognized as the ‘Most Loved Electronics Brand’ for three consecutive years by Brand Finance Lanka’s review of the country’s most valuable brands. As Sri Lanka’s No.1 smartphone brand, Samsung’s customer base in the country spans across all age groups, particularly the Gen Z and Millennial segments.

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