Screens for All: How Samsung TVs Offer Enhanced Accessibility to Anyone and Everyone

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Samsung Electronics have developed their accessibility technologies with the goal of ensuring that anyone and everyone can easily connect with the world via their TVs, and have been delivering the results to users around the world since 2014.

Let’s highlight the company’s ongoing efforts towards innovation for improved TV accessibility.

To disallow captions from cutting off the content from your screen, Samsung has introduced Auto Caption Position. It allows captions to be placed in areas that do not overlap with text on the screen using video analysis. 

Sign Language in TV Menus is another innovation the lineup offers. An avatar will appear at the bottom of the screen and guide you through the TV menu in sign language. 

Samsung is committed to revolutionizing technology and enabling access for all, ensuring Samsung products and services can effortlessly be used by people with disabilities. They are tapping the infinite power and potential of its technology to design features and functionalities that provide a greater user experience and enrich people’s lives, regardless of their capabilities. 

Samsung has long championed inclusive technological innovation for all. In fact, Samsung products and services are built around a human-centered philosophy that recognizes diversity and embraces differences. Among Samsung’s latest accessible innovations are:

The SeeColors app helps those with sight challenges better view billions of colors. The app is designed to help those with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) – which affects approximately 300 million people worldwide – adjust the color settings on their Samsung QLED TVs to meet their individual needs. In partnership with scientists at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Samsung has adopted the Colorlite® Test, or C-test, within the SeeColors app to recognize a user’s CVD levels and then automatically optimize their viewing experience.

Available across Samsung’s 2021 product range of Neo QLED TVs, Samsung’s Sign Language Zoom and Caption Moving features solve for hearing challenges. Sign Language Zoom automatically recognizes and magnifies the sign language area for the hearing-impaired by up to 200%. Users can specify a sign language area and adjust the magnification by zooming in on the area, as well as move the captions to avoid blocking the subtitle text.

Going forward, Samsung will continue to make accessibility a forethought within Samsung technology innovation. After all, there are no limits to the barriers that people can defy when technology reflects the diversity of all its users.

The Neo QLED 8K range is available to purchase at Samsung authorized distributors; Softlogic, Singer, Singhagiri and Damro.

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