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Is it possible for exercise to be fast, enjoyable and, effective? Thanks to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the answer is yes. Join the team at FHIIT at their new space located at Warehouse 4, Economic Centre, Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo 05. With one of Asia’s biggest HIIT spaces with a floor space of 6,000 sqft, they can accommodate over 100 people per session with there being ample space to move around freely during a HIIT workout! 

HIIT is the training method of choice for some of the biggest names in sports. It involves short bursts of exercise done at maximum speed to boost metabolism. It gives you an energy rush like nothing. FHIIT has a great range of exercises incorporating sandbags, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, dumbbells and exercise balls –  plus a great workout playlist that will keep energised throughout the workout. 

Started in 2019 by five friends that include: Yohan Rathnayake, Jessica Silva, Emi Senevirahna, Dilhan Gurusinghe and Nishadi Gurusinghe, with a common belief in creating a safe, fun, entertaining and effective workout space. FHIIT was fitted with a fully fledge gym, with the latest range of equipment. They have a dedicated physiotherapist and rehab centre that will help and assist members with recovery from injuries and muscle inflammation.  FHIIT has an in-house specialist that is dedicated to prenatal and postpartum fitness where they focus on safe and responsible fitness training during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. FHIIT has been fitted with equipment used for those with varying degrees of ability. For classes and schedules visit or call HIITFIT on +94 71 456 5762 or email them on 

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