SLIIT Postgraduate Programs offer students competitive edge to navigate personal and professional development, self-sustainability and employability

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Recognized for creating a unique learning and research environment with modern resources, SLIIT’s Postgraduate Programs are acclaimed for offering students a competitive edge to navigate personal and professional development, self-sustainability and employability. 

SLIIT has a significant history of Postgraduate study, commencing programs in 2004 with the Master of Science (MSc) degrees and subsequently the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs which was added in 2018. To-date, under the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, SLIIT offers in-depth and specialized postgraduate education through the MSc in Information Technology, MSc in Information Management, MSc in Information Systems, MSc in Information Technology Specializing in Cyber Security, MSc in Information Technology Specializing in Enterprise Applications Development and MBA programs. An MSc in Network Engineering is expected to be included in the SLIIT postgraduate degree portfolio in the near future. Moreover, students also have the option of obtaining Postgraduate Diplomas to enhance their career potential.

Additionally, research-based degrees such as the MPhil Programs and PhD Programs in computing and engineering are offered on full-time or part-time basis with many scholarship’ offers. 

SLIIT degrees are approved by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act. As per the UGC process, the SLIIT postgraduate MSc and MBA degrees are aligned with the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) based on quality and attributes meeting levels 9 and 10, while the MPhil and PhD Programs are aligned e with SLQF levels 11 and 12.

SLIIT is recognized as a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the International Association of Universities (IAU). SLIIT is also the first Sri Lankan institute to be accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK for Information Technology degrees. 

Fostering outstanding research and higher education for the postgraduate students are key goals of the SLIIT faculty. Their excellent academic reputation, industry experience and international mindset, ensure the ability to mold students towards critical thinking inculcating a positive environment.

SLIIT’s significant advance in its academic web presence and research excellence has been recognised in reputed publications such as those indexed in Scopus, through commendable position in the AD Ranking 2022, showcased citations in journals of high H-Index and have moved up in the Webometrics country rankings and its Impact ranking for 2022 and in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact ranking for 2022.

Unseen in other MBA programs offered across the country but unique to the SLIIT MBA programs is the high quality research being produced by students and also receiving recognition in world class journals. 

The panel of lecturers in the postgraduate degree programs is comprised of in-house and visiting lecturers who are with very high academic standings. Among them are respected practicing distinguished individuals with professional qualifications and industry experience in specific fields resulting in a healthy combination of in-house and external teaching resources. 

The well-experienced academic staff members have themselves have international research experience at renowned universities during their own postgraduate work and are equipped with strong competencies to guide the students. Furthermore, many among these faculty members have conducted research in international environment in overseas universities and are well-experienced in guiding MPhil and PhD studies.

Faculty members are also available almost 24/7 for students for consultation and guidance. The close rapport between the Faulty and students provides immense support together with SLIIT administerial assistance creating a rewarding experience. 

A competitive advantage for students enrolling in SLIIT’s postgraduate programs is its Honorary Professor Network. This scheme provides access to renowned academics from overseas universities, who are linked through a network. Students have opportunities in certain instances to receive joint research supervision, seek advice and also participate in guest lectures conducted by these distinguished academic setting linkages to foreign academic platforms.

In addition, SLIIT’s partnerships with overseas universities such as Curtin, Liverpool John More and Canadian universities provide for joint programs with access to modern teaching technics and materials. 

SLIIT at an institutional level offers postgraduate students a strong quality assurance framework beginning from student selection, in conducting the program, delivery, assessment and evaluation. A clear academic plan is presented to ensure each enrolled student understands and is aware of graduation expectations and timelines. 

Presenting a stimulating environment for Postgraduate programs, SLIIT provides state-of-the-art learning facilities including modern laboratory facilities, advanced IT infrastructure, hybrid teaching platforms on par with international universities. 

 With the experience with the challenging Covid environment, hybrid learning facilities and teaching materials are available that could be matched with international levels creating greater confidence and assurance to students. During the lockdowns the SLIIT virtual platform Eduscope provided MBA students recorded on-line interactive lessons and required course material enabling the students to complete the program on schedule. SLIIT also offers access to internationally benchmarked e-resources such as Scopus indexed and other reputed journals for all students to access in their research activities.   

Providing quality and affordable education in Sri Lanka, SLIIT offers discounts and concessions for postgraduate degree programs. Special discounts are available for SLIIT alumni and staff members and quantity discounts for corporate sector are also on offer.

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