SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise partners Itechro to grow a digitally enabled plantation ecosystem

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Understanding the urgency to improve and impactfully scale the agritech space, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise, has partnered Itechro Pvt Ltd, a software development company focused on enterprise digital transformation, to rollout the iHarvest digitisation platform for the plantation sector.

The agreement was signed by authorized signatories Mr. Janaka Abeysinghe, CEO-SLT and Mr. Chamara Jayaweera, Managing Director, Itechro, in the presence of representatives from both companies.

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Janaka Abeysinghe, CEO-SLT and Chamara Jayaweera, Managing Director, Itechro, exchanging the signed agreement in the presence of representatives from both companies.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise’s unparalleled expertise in capacity, connectivity solutions, advanced network backbone services and digital infrastructure will enable Itechro’s iHarvest to create an impact on a larger scale across the agriculture value chain.

iHarvest is a cloud-based platform aimed at digitizing the field activity and operations for the enterprise plantation sector driving both top-line and bottom-line improvements to plantations. The product is designed to facilitate all functions of the field and estate management to adapt a complete digital journey, providing real time transparency of field activities supporting swift and better decisions. 

Key features offered through the solution include dashboards, task and budget management, harvest management, attendance capture, quality verification, payment management, factory operations and optimization. Field trials are in progress using satellite-based field, plant and fertiliser optimisation for mature estates.

Leveraging SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise’s cloud services, iHarvest will be hosted on Azure Stack offered in local currency to provide further value and cost predictability to plantation companies. The platform is offered in both Capex and Opex models based on customer requirements. iHarvest, strengthened by SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise will help to incorporate a digital shift in the business models of Enterprise Plantation Customers empowering small, medium and large businesses, government institutions and other stakeholders, bringing a paradigm shift for the plantation landscape. 

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