SMR Consolidated Engages with Public and Stakeholders at Pro food, Propack and Agbiz 2022

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Sri Lanka’s premier manufacturer, refiner and exporter of edible oils and fats, SMR Consolidated (Sena Mills Refineries Pvt Ltd), was present in a very significant way, with its own flagship stall, at Pro food, Propack and Agbiz 2022 – the most comprehensive agriculture-based processed food packaging exhibition in Sri Lanka, organized by the Sri Lanka Food Processing Association. The convention is organized on an annual basis, though it was not held in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. This year, in its 19th Edition, Pro food, Propack and Agbiz 2022 was held under the theme “From the Farm to the Fork”, and provided a unique platform for industry stakeholders, customers and the public to meet, interact and connect with the individuals and organizations involved in processed food, packaging and agriculture, all under one roof. The event was held from the 18th to the 20th of November, for three full days at the BMICH in Colombo.

SMR Consolidated’s flagship stall was centrally located at the event and received many visitors. The Company showcased its range of local and export brands including Good Oil, Coco Fry, Centuries, Fry It, Good Bake and Coco Organic. The theme and décor of the flagship stall drew much appreciation from visitors, who included the public, potential customers and other industry stakeholders. Through its Flagship Stall at Pro food, Propack and Agbiz 2022, SMR Consolidated aimed to educate Sri Lankans about the various types and characteristics of coconut oils, health benefits and concerns and various techniques of edible oil usage in food preparation through customer and public engagement. The Company also sought to increase awareness about its product portfolio among B2B and B2C customers, build brand awareness and establish SMR Consolidated’s reputation as a leading and reliable edible oil manufacturer, refiner, and exporter. 

SMR Consolidated was established in the 1960s with humble beginnings as a small-scale coconut oil mill called Sena Mills. Since then, the Company has been on a sustained and consistent journey of growth and expansion, furthering its ventures into the manufacture and refining of edible oils. In 1997, SMR set up its own edible oil refinery, equipped with the first continuous physical edible oil refining facility in Sri Lanka. From early on, the Company was committed to quality and excellence, which ultimately saw its products being much sought-after in export markets. SMR Consolidated’s commitment to quality has earned it various coveted food safety and quality certifications including BRC, FSSC, ISO, Organic, Kosher and others. In 2022, the Company marked a significant milestone with its export products reaching over 35 countries across 6 continents.

Commenting on SMR Consolidated’s presence at Pro food, Propack and Agbiz 2022, Dimantha Nanayakkara – Head of Strategic Business Development said, “Having participated at countless tradeshows and conventions globally, it is a great pride to have been able to be such a central part of the largest agriculture-based processed food packaging exhibition in Sri Lanka. Our goal was to engage with customers, stakeholders, and the public, which we have achieved. We’re overwhelmed by the positive response we received, and by a large number of visitors to our flagship stall. One of our main objectives was to educate the public about the importance of coconut trees and encourage every family to plant at least one coconut tree. The coconut tree is a remarkable plant, and every part of it can be used for some productive end. We were also keen to share the various uses and techniques of using coconut oil. We look forward to ensuring that Sri Lanka and the world have access to the finest coconut and other edible oils.”

A special Chef’s Session was also conducted at SMR Consolidated’s stall, which saw qualified chefs sharing knowledge about recipes and techniques for using different kinds of coconut and other edible oils, along with health tips, and interactive sessions with end-users. Various other knowledge-sharing and educational sessions were also conducted to educate the public on the value of coconut oil and its health benefits. 

About SMR Consolidated

SMR Consolidated is a premier Sri Lankan edible oils & fats manufacturer with operations spanning both local & global spheres. Founded in the 1960s, the Company has grown into one of the largest edible oil companies in Sri Lanka. 

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