Sri Lankans unite to clean and adopt their beaches with Clean Ocean Force

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Coca-Cola Sri Lanka and Clean Ocean Force (COF) made a splash on World Oceans Day as they launched “The Ocean Guardian” programme, an exciting expansion of their successful “Adopt-A-Beach” initiative. To celebrate the special day, the eco-warriors teamed up with a group of communities, families, and friends to clean up a section at the Crow Island beach while learning about responsible waste management and coastal preservation.

The day’s activities included guided waste collection, educational sessions on responsible waste management, and interactive discussions on the importance of coastal preservation. The initiative aims to cultivate a spirit of volunteerism and community engagement, starting at the fundamental unit of any society, a family. By engaging families in this endeavor, Coca-Cola and COF seek to instill a sense of shared responsibility and ownership in safeguarding Sri Lanka’s precious marine resources for present and future generations.

“It’s heartwarming to see families unite for a common cause, teaching their children the importance of preserving our planet for future generations”, remarked Jerome Fernando, Founder of Clean Ocean Force. “Today, with the support of Coca-Cola, we’re taking a significant step forward by engaging families and friends in our mission to protect the environment and promote sustainability.”

Following the launch, the initiative will host a series of Saturday cleanups, inviting the public to dedicate an hour each week to beach cleaning. A dedicated hotline set up by Clean Ocean Force will enable interested volunteers to sign up for the Saturday cleanups. This not only facilitates participation but also ensures a coordinated and effective approach to beach cleaning efforts. For further information, the public is encouraged to contact Clean Ocean Force at (hotline) 070 318 7472 / 077 009 9641or reach out to them on social media via Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok

Kaushali Kusumapala, Country Director – Coca-Cola Sri Lanka and Maldives, stated, “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Clean Ocean Force, building on the impressive work done together in the past three years. By joining forces, we amplify our shared responsibility in promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. Together, we continue to make substantial progress in cleaning up some of Sri Lanka’s most polluted water-bodies, including the once heavily polluted Crow Island beach, which is now a model for cleanliness and sustainability. This new program will ensure continuity and ownership by empowering local communities to take an active role in protecting their natural resources.”

Since 2021, the “Adopt-A-Beach” initiative has made significant strides in coastal conservation, collecting over 29.4 tons of pollutants, including 9.59 tons of PET waste at Crow Island and 30.4 tons in Negombo, from October 2021 to December 2023. This success has contributed to cleaner coastal areas and a decline in plastic pollution. The initiative has engaged a total of 65 volunteers and waste-collectors, with 5 direct beneficiaries in Crow Island and 45 direct beneficiaries in Negombo, and an additional 15 indirect beneficiaries in Negombo. 

The introduction of “The Ocean Guardian” programme aims to build on this success by involving the general public, particularly families, inculcating shared-responsibility in the effort to protect our beaches and oceans. Through these efforts, Coca-Cola and Clean Ocean Force are committed to creating a sustainable future for our coastal communities and preserving the beauty of our oceans for generations to come.

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