Sri Lanka’s Rootcode concludes Rootcode Connect 2023 in Sweden with a resounding success

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Rootcode Connect 2023, the inaugural annual customer conference hosted by Rootcode, a leading global software engineering firm based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, recently convened in Linköping, Sweden. This event gathered key business and government leaders and decision-makers from around the world, marking a significant gathering last month.

Seen here is part of the audience at Rootcode Connect

Rootcode Connect left a profound mark, emphasizing its commitment to fostering collaboration and excellence within the technology industry. Over the years, the strong ties developed by Rootcode and the collaboration with Nordic companies reflect the company’s commitment to building lasting relationships with customers.

The panelists at Rootcode Connect

Swedish culture shares many similarities with Rootcode’s roots in Sri Lanka, making the bond even more special. This year, Rootcode gathered all their esteemed clients, well-wishers and supporters, not just from Sweden but from many other countries, who flew to Sweden to be a part of this grand conference.

Rootcode continuously strives to contribute in making Sri Lanka a leader in cutting-edge technological innovation. It invests heavily in the training and knowledge of its employees and makes use of its abilities to offer cutting-edge solutions to its clients. Recently, Rootcode also held the country’s first-ever Tech Triathlon to spur creativity among budding talent and actively involved in bringing education to underprivileged students through its Rootcode Foundation.

In its mission to position Sri Lanka as a prominent technology destination on the global stage, Rootcode actively showcases the country’s potential in the tech sector. By consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and nurturing local talent, Rootcode not only contributes to the growth of the Sri Lankan tech ecosystem but also helps elevate the country’s profile internationally. This leadership and vision underscore Rootcode’s pivotal role in shaping Sri Lanka into a globally recognized hub for technological innovation and expertise.

Founder and CEO of Rootcode, Alagan Mahalingam, commenced the conference by speaking about Rootcode’s journey to success. Followed by this were several speeches given by their clients, Ulf Stern – EVP & Head of product strategy, Agricam AB, and Thomas Sald, CEO, BRP Systems AB, who went on to commend Rootcode as a strategic and reliable technology partner, helping them build world-class technology products.

One of the standout themes of the event was the Swedish-Sri Lankan collaboration, which was discussed by Mangala Perera, Partner & COO at Rootcode. This partnership is driven by shared values and mutual respect, resulting in impactful collaborations and projects that transcend borders.

Rootcode Connect 2023 featured a stellar lineup of speakers and panelists who shared their valuable insights and experiences. The event saw renowned industry and governmental leaders, including Lena Miranda, CEO of Linköping Science Park; Katrin Vaga, Head of PR for government of Estonia e-Residency; Roger Laudon, Executive in Residence at EQT Group; Kujtim Salihu, CEO of Woshapp; Magdalena Linke-Koszek, CEO of Teamway; sharing their knowledge on building market winning products and building successful and sustainable businesses.

Rootcode Connect also had an engaging twist with a quiz segment, the centrepiece of which was an exciting grand prize: a round-trip flight to Sri Lanka. This prize not only added an element of excitement to the event but also served to strengthen the connection between Sweden and Rootcode’s homeland.

Rootcode, a global technology company, comprises three core divisions – Rootcode Labs, Rootcode AI, and Rootcode Studio, focusing on engineering, AI, and UI/UX. Rootcode’s mission is to help businesses succeed by helping them build great tech, which was at the heart of the event’s discussions.

Rootcode Connect 2023 was an extraordinary gathering, showcasing the growth of Rootcode and it’s technological excellence. Rootcode Connect looks forward to returning next year to continue fostering collaboration and driving technological innovation. For more information and highlights from this year’s event, visit

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