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St. Anthony’s Hardware recently held a fun day for the children at Lama Sewana Detention Home, Baddegama, which included games, activities and food. St. Anthony’s Hardware aims to maintain a long-term relationship with the home by renovating and providing industry training and career guidance for the children at Lama Sewana Detention Home. 

St Anthony’s Hardware will be renovating the buildings and roof of the detention home, creating a safe and secure environment for the children. Apart from the renovation, the team will be working with the children to provide career guidance workshops and seminars to ensure that the children have some employability skills when they become adults. The children were given sporting equipment to improve their sports facilities. 

The Lama Sewana Detention Home, Baddegama is a government-run facility that currently houses over 50 young residents between the age of 04 to 17 years old. The children at the home come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, or their parents have been incarcerated. The staff at Lama Sewana ensures that the residents are well-fed, looked after and receive a quality education. When the residents reach legal age, they are allowed to participate in vocational courses to help them pursue their passions and build successful careers.  

St. Anthony’s Hardware strongly believes in improving the lives of others. Its founder Deshmanya A.Y.S. Gnanam was deeply committed to not only furthering the success of the company but also to promoting the well-being of others. Mr Gnanam was a firm believer in giving back to society and supporting the next generation. If you would like their initiative of improving the lives of the children at Lama Sewana, reach out to Rumesh on 0112 324 261.  

St Anthony’s is one of the oldest and largest hardware manufacturers and distributors in Sri Lanka providing high-quality products and unparalleled services to customers since its establishment in 1942. With a vast network of over 6,000 retail partners and service centres spreading across the island, the company has established itself as a significant player in the industry. Over the years, St. Anthony’s has expanded its reach and diversified into several other sectors such as solar energy solutions, water purification, chemical manufacturing, and modern retail. The company’s reputation for excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction has made it a household name in Sri Lanka. 

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