Sysco LABS Strengthens Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Celebrates Pride Month with Capacity Building Program for Associates

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Sysco LABS Sri Lanka celebrated Pride Month 2022 with a special virtual training program for its associates on the 18th of July covering multiple areas including sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions, and laws pertaining to the treatment of LGBTIQ employees in the workplace. As an equal opportunity employer, Sysco LABS has always been committed to creating a work environment that promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Rosanna from EQUAL GROUND, speaking to the associates who participated in the virtual training program.

As the captive innovation center of Sysco – the world’s largest foodservice company, Sysco LABS ensures that all associates are up to date on DEI best practices. The session by EQUAL GROUND – a non-profit organization promoting equal civil, political, economic and socio-cultural rights for the LGBTIQ community of Sri Lanka, also raised awareness on issues such as harassment, bullying, and discrimination. It also educated the participants on inclusive language, terminology and the importance of being LGBTIQ-friendly. 

Commenting on the program, Kushani Kalpage, Director – Marketing, who is championing DEI at Sysco LABS said, “Our aim is to make our workplace a safer space for all associates. We believe in the power of knowledge and the awareness it can bring, and through training of this nature, we aim to transform our associates into champions of inclusivity – at work and outside it. Driving the values of diversity, equity and inclusivity across the organization has been an extremely rewarding experience, and we would like to encourage other organizations to start their own journeys. We are confident that increased awareness can lead to a total societal mindset change, encouraging everyone to accept, value, and celebrate differences while caring for one another.”

Sysco LABS Sri Lanka’s policies and frameworks are inspired by and aligned to its parent company, Sysco’s global DEI agenda. The company is committed to championing equal opportunities for all and is in the process of formulating a comprehensive DEI action plan to promote ‘Females at work’, ‘Ethnicity & Religion’, ‘LGBTIQ+ people at work’ and opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

As an organization built on creating meaningful connections, ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect, Sysco LABS has continuously sought to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) culture, especially among the LGBTQ+ community, amplifying their voices within the organization. 

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About Sysco LABS: 

Sysco LABS is the captive innovation arm of Sysco Corporation (NYSE: SYY), the world’s largest foodservice company. Sysco is a Fortune 500 company and the global leader in selling, marketing, and distributing food products.  With more than 71,000 associates, the company operates 333 distribution facilities worldwide and serves more than 700,000 customer locations. Sysco LABS’s engineering teams based out of Colombo, Sri Lanka and Austin and Houston, TX, innovate across the entire food service journey – from the enterprise-grade technology that enables Sysco’s business, to the technology that revolutionizes the way that Sysco connects with restaurants and the technology that shapes the way those restaurants connect with customers. 

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