Take your mobile photography to the next level with vivo V series – Here’s what experts have to say!

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An advanced smartphone camera is one of the most important deciding factors in the smartphone purchase decision. The smartphone camera has evolved tremendously over the years and now closely competes with much more expensive professional devices. As a matter of fact, many photographers are ditching their heavy photography equipment and switching to their stylish, advanced, and extremely pocketable smartphones to achieve a superior photography experience. However, there are certain pain points of photography that many smartphones have failed to solve for consumers. 

For instance, when you try to click a picture with your phone when the lighting is less than ideal, you will likely get a blurry or pixelated image. At times, the camera fails to create or replicate the exact colors of the scene, or in many cases, leads to overexposure. The incorrect ISO and shutter speed set by the camera’s Auto Mode is mainly the culprit for noisy photographs. Often, lowering the ISO and shutter speed manually can produce significantly better results, but that is way too much of a hassle, especially when you are trying to take a quick snap at night. vivo, the leading global smartphone brand, understands these issues and the need for the ultimate smartphone camera setup and is changing the dynamics with its revolutionary V series smartphone with modern technologies.

With mobile imaging being one of its strategic tracks, vivo is simplifying complex mobile camera technology for photography enthusiasts through its V21 series, eliminating all pain points of smartphone photography. The 5G powered V21 comes with a 64MP OIS Night camera on the rear with OIS (Optical image stabilization) to capture effortlessly day and night. With the OIS support, the camera can significantly extend the exposure time in night scenes, thus increasing the amount of light intake, reducing noise, and making night-time selfies clearer and brighter. The recently launched V21e is equipped with an advanced 64MP Night camera, changing the whole game of rear camera photography.

Sri Lanka’s leading photographers and influencers have been using vivo V21 smartphones and capturing some breathtaking images. They have highlighted how the V21 series handsets are helping them capture the best moments and #BetheLightAtNight.

 Images by Priyantha Bandara

Priyantha Bandara is a famous Landscape, Travel, and Architectural Photographer. He has been using the vivo V21 5G for his photography projects and has successfully captured some brilliant Architectural images. “The V21 5G is an incredible smartphone with the best camera in the market. The challenge with Architectural photography when done using a smartphone is the limitation in the camera angle. With the V21 5G, I can capture wide shots easily and preserve every tiny detail. The Super Wide-Angle feature is intelligently incorporated to sense the environment and allows the user to get sharp and wider images”.

Images by Raffealla Fernando

Raffealla Fernando is a leading fashion photographer and has been using the new vivo V21e to achieve studio-quality looks in her pictures. “V21e is stylish handset with 7.38mm ultra Slim AG design and is extremely powerful in terms of camera and processor. The AI Night Portrait helps you capture the perfect depth and capture vibrant colors perfectly even at night. One of the most important parts of fashion photography is capturing all the details, and V21e helps me capture every tiny detail and expression and showcase the beauty like I want.”

Images by Upul Nelundeniya

Upul Nelundeniya is a talented travel and abstract photographer and has taken photography a notch higher with vivo V21e. “Professional DSLR camera and lenses help you capture the details very well, and that’s what makes Macro photography challenging with smartphones. But the result I got with V21e, especially with the inbuilt Super Macro Mode, was identical to a professional setup.”

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