The MMCA Sri Lanka Grows with the Founding Patrons Programme

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The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka (MMCA Sri Lanka) is known for taking bold steps forward in its mission to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of local modern and contemporary art. The MMCA Sri Lanka Founding Patrons Programme is one such unique initiative where they hope to engage art enthusiasts, collectors, and philanthropists from all backgrounds on a profound cultural journey while supporting local art and artists.

This programme represents a significant leap forward in the realm of art institutions in Sri Lanka. It aims to bridge the gap between art and its patrons by offering an immersive learning experience that goes beyond the traditional gallery visit.  

As part of the array of exclusive benefits that are included in the MMCA Sri Lanka Founding Patrons Programme, the museum organised a specially curated five-day visit to New Delhi earlier this year. During this visit which coincided with the India Art Fair, the Patrons had the opportunity to meet some of the key professionals, artists, gallerists, collectors, and fellow patrons who work in and contribute to the Indian art scene. Their second trip was a mid-year excursion to Jaffna where the Founding Patrons of the MMCA Sri Lanka were able to immerse themselves in learning about art and artists based in Jaffna, who are creating a name for themselves in both the local and global art spheres.

Speaking about the MMCA Sri Lanka Founding Patrons Programme, Sharmini Pereira, Chief Curator at the MMCA Sri Lanka said, “Art serves as a profound mirror reflecting the essence of society through the years. It is with immense pride and excitement that we introduce the Founding Patrons Programme for the MMCA Sri Lanka, a program that seeks to enrich the cultural tapestry of the city of Colombo and the entire nation.” She added, “I am confident that this programme will be a learning opportunity for the Patrons, that allows them to absorb the work that we do as a museum. The MMCA Sri Lanka is an innovative institution dedicated to breaking away from the way museums in the country have been perceived. Museums are spaces of change and should reflect the societies they are located within. The Patrons have the opportunity to be part of specially curated travel events that introduce them to artists, galleries, arts professionals, and international museums.” Pereira further noted that “These are meant to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which simultaneously help to build our museum in Sri Lanka.”

Other opportunities that are exclusive to the MMCA Sri Lanka Founding Patrons include specially curated art tours of the MMCA Sri Lanka’s exhibitions led by the museum’s curators, access to exclusive events where they can meet local and international artists, and unique opportunities to gain insight into art collecting for those interested in building their collections. In addition to all this, one of the greatest benefits of this Programme is being able to contribute to art education in Sri Lanka, where the Patrons will actively contribute to the MMCA Sri Lanka’s mission of promoting art education through its curated exhibitions, Public Programmes, and many other outreach efforts.

As the MMCA Sri Lanka Founding Patrons Programme gains momentum, it is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of the cultural industries in Sri Lanka and enhance the global perspective of modern and contemporary art among its Patrons. If you are interested and would like to know more about this Programme, please contact Onella Perera, Development Assistant at the MMCA Sri Lanka at

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