The SLS certification and industry-leading quality standards affirm Baby Cheramy baby soaps as the safest in the country

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A mother’s touch is essential for the baby to thrive – and keeping this in mind, Baby Cheramy’s baby soap have been created to be gentle and safe, second only to a mother’s touch. For over six decades, Baby Cheramy products have been nurturing generations of babies to be healthy and safe, helping them to grow into strong and healthy individuals. Our claim is backed by being the first baby soap to receive the SLS certification from the Sri Lanka Standards Institute. This certification is important because it assures mothers that our baby soap has been certified as safe and gentle on baby’s skin by experts in the field. 

Shiyan Jayaweera, Director – Marketing, Hemas Consumer Brands says, “Safety, hygiene and trust have been the hallmarks of Baby Cheramy products for six decades, catapulting us into the most trusted & loved baby care brand in Sri Lanka. By incorporating clear and transparent high-quality standards and processes, firmly certified by the SLS certification, new parents can be rest assured that their baby is in the safest nurturing embrace of Baby Cheramy. This SLS certification is critical in giving consumers confidence of a product’s consistent quality as the SLS institute maintains stringent standards and ongoing checks of certified products in market. In addition to our SLS certification, Baby Cheramy soap products have been certified as safe for babies by both pediatricians and dermatologists in Sri Lanka. As a brand we ensure compliance with ISO 9001-2015 standard, thereby providing the best and safest quality products in the country.”

Besides being the number one and most loved baby care brand in Sri Lanka, Baby Cheramy is uplifting safety standards of the industry by establishing an 8-step safety process, guided by its Safety Institute and its dedicated R&D Centre, to provide the safest possible baby care products to little ones. The 8-step safety process involves co-creation of products with consumers, careful selection of ingredient sources, assessing quality & safety of ingredients, assessing packaging & design, clinical evaluation & testing, world-class manufacturing practices, assessment of product quality & shelf life, continuous improvements & evaluation. Baby Cheramy products are proven to have ‘No nasties’ ensuring all baby care products from the brand are mild and gentle. 

As the No. 1 safest baby care brand in Sri Lanka, Baby Cheramy guarantees parents of their babies’ safety by providing more than just a statement on product testing; it assures parents, of their safety. With clear and transparent high-quality standards and processes, parents can be assured that their babies are safe and nurtured.

The Baby Cheramy brand is committed to its promise of building a safer world for babies based on three pillars. The first pillar is to manufacture and deliver superior baby care products that are safe for babies, ensuring all products are of the highest quality. The second pillar is to set safety standards within the baby care industry in Sri Lanka, leading the way in establishing high safety standards. The third and final pillar is to educate and uplift the knowledge of new parents empowering them to create a safer world for their babies. To achieve this, Baby Cheramy conducts a series of parental clinical programs across the island, titled “Daru Patiyata Surakshitha Lowak.” These programs spread awareness on inclusive parenting, early childhood development, and the importance of creating a safer world for babies.

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