UK-based Conveyancing firm Muve wins ‘Best Direct to Consumer Offering’

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Through the successful demonstration of an innovative and sustainable model that combines conveyancing with enhanced customer experiences, UK-based Conveyancing firm Muve wins “Best Direct to Consumer Offering” at the inaugural British Conveyancing Awards 2021.

Conveyancing is a legal profession under the branch of law concerned with the transfer of legal title of land from one person or entity to another. The role of a Conveyancer presents a rewarding opportunity for young LLB graduates and attorneys to gain invaluable career progression as legal professionals, away from the traditional court and corporate services. In Sri Lanka, this role while being fledgling has a huge potential to be mainstream.

In recognition of the importance of this role, the British Conveyancing Awards 2021, honours those who transcend the boundaries of regular conveyancing to help buyers and sellers move homes during some of the toughest and most challenging times faced by the conveyancing industry. Covid-19 has forced more consumers online in their search for home moving services, resulting in many firms shifting their traditional models of operation to accommodate a more “direct to consumer” offering.

Commenting on the secret to success, Muve’s Director Adam Gamage-Brooker says “Tech and Culture are the cornerstones which attributed to our success. With cutting edge technology tailor made to leverage one of the most traditional businesses practices which is Conveyancing, Muve is able to provide the best customer experience in enhancing the customer journey. While Tech enables ease of transactions, it is the culture, the people that is the true strength of a great organisation. It is the heart of its employees who tirelessly perceiver to deliver their best. At Muve we are certainly blessed to have such individuals. Each one of our employees has contributed to our achievement in receiving this award, and we are incredibly grateful for that”.

Muve Colombo started its operation in Sri Lanka in 2017 when with the assistance of the Export Development Board the company realised the potential of the vast pool of talented law graduates within the country, along with the availability of viable infrastructure and technology. This bold move has resulted in the fruitful growth of Muve Colombo which now hopes to expand further with new recruits bringing the overall growth of the organisation to 200 personnel by end 2021.

Addressing the role of a Conveyancer, Mithrika Ekanayake, Senior Manager – Conveyancing, Muve Colombo says, “there is a common misconception that Muve does BPO work here. To be honest, our Conveyancers do way much more than document processing. This is a role that requires high levels of competency. Our Conveyancers must deal directly with clients in the UK and do everything that a UK Conveyancer would do”.

She explains that “Conveyancing is one of the most important aspects of any property transaction. Buying and selling a home is among the biggest decisions most people make. This career requires individuals to utilise their intelligence, put knowledge into practice and use their discretion. It is not an offshore back-office operation. This is a role where Sri Lankan LLB holders or Attorneys can really utilise their full potential as a part of a rewarding career”.

She emphasized that “as Muve expands, it requires more and more employees with the right skills such as great negotiation and communication, knowledge in English and the right level of commitment and drive to get things done. Being proactive and having a positive can-do mindset is the secret to success”.

“This is an exciting time to join Muve Colombo as the organisation expands, offering rewarding careers and a chance for you to contribute significantly to Muve’s rapid growth in the UK market,” Mithrika concluded.

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